“Over in the Meadow” – Vocabulary Lesson [Elementary +]

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  • This vocabulary lesson will help you learn some adjectives as well as regular and irregular verbs;
  • You’ll learn/review the pronunciation of -ed in the Past Simple;
  • You’ll learn/review the spelling rule (doubling of final consonant);
  • You’ll learn/review the names of the animals you can find in the meadow 🙂
  • You’ll have a good time!

1. Watch the Video 


  • Do you know the names of all the animals from the song? Which of them live in your area?

Your answer:



2. Flashcards.
Study the vocabulary. You are able to switch Study modes (click little black arrow in the right bottom corner.

Have fun!

3. Verb Study:
there are 22 verbs in this song
Find all of them and put the infinitives* into two columns – regular verbs and irregular verbs.

Regular Verbs Irregular Verbs



Spelling note:
Sometimes a verb ends in consonantvowelconsonant. For example: to plan, to rob, to prefer, to stop

We double the final consonant of such words before -ed, -ing.

plan – planned – planning                    rob – robbed – robbing

prefer – preferred – preferring            stop – stopped – stopping

* infinitive – the basic form of a verb such as be or run.

4. Pronunciation note:
Pronunciation of the ending -ed (Past Simple of the regular verbs)
-ed can be pronounced as [d], [t] and [ id]

a) If the infinitive ends in a voicedconsonant or a vowel sound, we pronounce -ed as [d]
e.g. plan – planned prefer – preferred study – studied

b) If the infinitive ends in an unvoiced consonant, we pronounce -ed as [t]

e.g. stop – stopped talk – talked laugh – laughed

c) If the infinitive ends in [t] or [d], we pronounce -ed as [id]

e.g. start – started want – wanted decide – decided

Task:  Record yourself reading the list of regular verbs from the song. (you can use Audioboom, Vocaroo or any other platform). Read the infinitive and its past form, e.g. like – liked. Enunciate your endings. You can post the link to your recording in the comments below and I will listen to it and give you my feedback.
5. Multiple choice quiz

  • Do you remember the adjectives used in the song?


What is your score? ___________________

6. Hangman game


What is your score? ____________________




I am looking forward to your answers, recordings,questions.

See you soon!



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