Picture This – Desmond’s Steak House

Picture This! (This expression means: What I’m about to say, I want you to picture or imagine in your mind.)

This post is a new type of lesson I want to try. Give me feedback if you enjoy it and learn a lot from it. I’m going to take you on a tour of Desmond’s Steakhouse, a restaurant in New York City. (I have never been there. I got these pictures from the YouVisit website, which offers 3D virtual tours and photos of various locales.)

Each picture I present will have features labeled in a text balloon with an identifying label (letter or number). Your job as student is to identify in English what the text balloon is pointing at. In some cases, I may give you a list of words to choose from to assist you in your English-learning journey. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Picture-1: Let’s start outside at the front door.

Your matching choices, in no particular order, are: (1) Daily features board, (2) security glass, (3) sidewalk, (4) menu for previewing, (5) mat for cleaning one’s feet, (6) rug for cleaning one’s feet, (7) carpet for cleaning one’s feet. Which letter matches up with which number? (Not all numbers are used.)

Picture-2: Front Entrance. Choices: (1) Decorative statue, (2) planter, (3) red velvet rope barrier, (4) electrical outlet or receptacle box, (5) street address of the restaurant.

Picture-3: Outside view from a different side of the street, showing that the restaurant itself is actually located on the second floor of a building. (AE: ground floor = first floor; next floor up is second floor)

Choices: (1) Sign, (2) pedestrian in a hurry, (3) Cafe Hestia, (4) sidewalk, (5) manhole cover for access to sewer

Picture-4: Stairs leading up to the restaurant on the second floor.

Choices: (1) Candle, (2) stairs, (3) a single step, (4) handrail, (5) rug, (6) carpet, (7) mat, (8) security glass

Picture-5: The reception area into the restaurant.

Choices: (1) Air conditioning exhaust/vent, (2) camera, (3) host, (4) bench seat (waiting area ), (5) wooden floor, (6) recessed light, (7) speaker, (8) chair, (9) concierge, (10) heat lamp

Picture-6: The Bar and Cocktails

Choices: (1) the bar (countertop), (2) lime twist, (3) TV, (4) Stemmed wine glass, (5) fruity cocktail, (6) stir sticks or swizzle sticks, (7) highball (liquor mixed with cola), (8) olive, (9) drinking straw

Picture-7: Dining Area for Large Parties.
Choices: (1) Waiter, (2) host, (3) piano, (4) EXIT sign, (5) chair seat cushion, (6) fire alarm pullbox, (7) cloth tablecloth, (8) portrait (or picture), (9) recessed ceiling, (10) ceiling light.

Picture-8: Dining Area for Smaller Parties.

Choices: (1) Forks, (2) window, (3) cloth napkin, (4) tile ceiling, (5) knife, (6) water glass, (7) candle, (8) saucer, (9) EXIT sign

Picture-9: More Dining Area (big restaurant)

Choices: (1) Fire alarm pullbox, (2) EXIT sign, (3) fire extinguisher, (4) napkin, (5) candle, (6) speaker, (7) chair, (8) butter knife, (9) recessed ceiling.

Picture-10: Dining in the Bar Area.

Choices: (1) Booth, (2) wine bottles in a rack, (3) private dining room, (4) curtain, (5) thermostat (temperature controller), (6) EXIT sign, (7) fire alarm pullbox, (8) wall light

Picture-11: The Bar Area.

Choices: (1) TV, (2) bar stool, (3) features board, (4) EXIT sign, (5) cash register (computer), (6) drinking straws, (7) chain supporting a hanging light, (8) mirror, (9) the bar, (10) recessed ceiling.

Challenge question: What is the smallest number of TVs in this bar area that you can prove?

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