Picture This – Downtown University

This photo-tour is going to take you around Point Park University in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Along the way you will learn some new words to bolster your command of the English language. Match the letters in the pictures to the choices above the picture. There may be extra or unused choices.

Let’s begin at the bird’s-eye view level.

Picture-1: Downtown Pittsburgh. The arrow points towards a collection of buildings where the university is located.

Choices: (1) ocean (2) river (3) bridge (4) skyscrapers (5) multi-storied buildings

Picture-2: This open courtyard between buildings downtown is part of Point Park University. How can you tell?

Choices: (1) Plaque (2) brick deck (3) patio table (4) lounge chair (5) trash can (6) bench (7) grill (8) (sun) umbrella

Picture-3: We walk across the courtyard (or patio area) towards Academic Hall, part of Point Park University.

Picture-4: This picture will introduce you to this blue sign, which can be seen everywhere in the USA, on doors, in parking spaces, on ramps, etc.

Choices: (1) planter (2) handicap door (3) handicap pushbutton to open the handicap door (4) street light (or lamp) (5) backpack)

Picture-5: We have stepped inside Academic Hall and turned around and are looking back out the exit doors.

Choices: (1) planter (2) non-skid mats (3) handicap door button post (4) trash can (5) EXIT sign (6) tile floor

Picture-6: We are inside Academic Hall looking towards the street. We just entered from the left side.

Choices: (1) Skywalk (2) stairs (3) thermostat (4) fire alarm (5) poster (6) camera (7) tile floor (8) recessed light

Picture-7: In Academic Hall with the exit behind us.

Choices: (1) clock (2) poster (3) publication stand (4) building directory (5) elevator

Picture-8: A classroom.

Choices: (1) electrical outlet (2) blind (3) air conditioning outlet (4) light switch (5) whiteboard (6) speaker (7) carpet (8) thermostat
(9) pull-down shade (10) fire alarm

Picture-9: This is the front half of the biology lab.

Choices: (1)Whiteboard (2) cabinet (3) fluorescent lights (4) recessed lights (5) projector screen (6) fire extinguisher

Picture-10: This is the back half of the biology lab.

Choices: (1) pressurized gas bottles (2) emergency eyewash station (3) refrigerator (4) emergency shower station (5) fire alarm (6) phone (7) speaker

Picture-11: This is the the crime scene learning area.

Choices: (1) movie projector (2) projector screen (3) fluorescent lights (4) curtain (5) dummy (6) electrical outlet (7) skeleton (8) table lamp

Picture-12: Still in the crime scene learning area.

Choices: (1) corpse (2) lab coat (3) pistol (handgun) (4) pool (or puddle) of blood (5) barrier tape (6) measuring tape (metal) (7) investigator

Picture-13: This is the electronics power laboratory.

Choices: (1) LCD readout (2) LED readout (3) control panel (4) toggle switch (5) knobs (6) positive terminal (7) negative terminal

Picture-14: This is Thayer Hall, which is located above Academic Hall.

Choices: (1) water fountain (2) ventilation intake duct (3) phone (4) building directory (5) publication stand (6) tile floor (7) recessed lights (8) ceiling vents (9) smoke detector

Picture-15: Thayer Hall.

Choices: (1) EXIT sign (2) track lighting (3) fire extinguisher (4) fire alarm pullbox (5) recycle receptacle

Picture-16: We have just exited the skywalk and entered into a different building.

Choices: (1) ramp (2) arch (3) hanging light (4) recessed light (5) column (6) poster stand

Picture-17: Student Activities hallway going towards the Point Cafe.

Choices: (1) fire alarm pullbox (2) arch (3) door pushbar (4) soft drinks (5) old-style computer monitor (6) EXIT sign (7) bottled water

Picture-18: Student Activities hallway

Choices: (1) fire extinguisher (2) entrance sign (3) posters (4) speaker (5) flyer (6) fire alarm (7) fire alarm pullbox (8) EXIT sign

Picture-19: Art Gallery

Choices: (1) planter (2) red velvet rope barrier (3) electrical outlet (4) trash can (5) sofa (6) wall light (7) ceiling lights (8) paintings

Picture-20: Bookstore

Choices: (1) sweat pants (2) framed certificates (3) track lights (4) drinking bottles (5) gift card rack (6) sweat shirts (7) clothes hangers

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