Pronunciation of the “ed” Sound on Regular, past Tense Verbx

#ED Pronunciation Rules

1. /t/ – Regular, past tense verbs ending in these sounds: f, k, p, s, ch, sh  (‘x’ has an ‘s’ sound)
2. /d/ – Verbs ending in all other sounds except /t/ and /d/.
3. /id/ – Verbs ending in the /t/ or /d/ sounds.

Sample Verbs

Alphabetical order for “ed” pronunciation:

.   A             B              C                  D                 E             F            G
stayed, stabbed, picnicked, embedded, decreed, sniffed, gagged

.    H            I            J             K         L            M              N
pushed, skied, bridged, kicked, killed, trimmed, scanned

.     O           P       Q          R           S             T         U
mowed, tipped, N/A, roared, missed, patted, cued

.  V         W           X          Y           Z
lived, wowed, boxed, toyed, buzzed

Some pronunciation practice with ‘ed’ verbs

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