Pronunciation of words containing “ew”


The letter combination “ew” can sound like ‘oo’ as in ‘too’, like  ‘yoo/you’, and even like ‘o’ as in ‘go’.  Let’s step through the alphabet and examine these sounds.  Some sample words are presented below in alphabetical order.  In some words, ‘ew’ sound like ‘yoo/you’ but the “oo” sound seems to be more common.  The “oo” pronunciations are marked with a ➿ icon.

Sample Words

  • ➿blew (bloo)
  • ➿crew (croo)
  • ➿dew (do/dyoo)(‘do’ is preferred)
  • Ew! (e you)= exclamation of disgust
  • few (fyoo)
  • ➿flew (floo)
  • hew (hyoo)
  • ➿jewel (joo ull)
  • kewpie (kyoo pee)
  • ➿lewd (lood; rhymes with food)
  • ➿new (noo/nyoo)(AE: noo. BE: nyoo)
  • ➿news (AE: nooze. BE: nyooze)
  • pew (pyoo)
  • Pew! (pyoo) = exclamation when smelling a very bad odor
  • ➿sew (so) ?
  • ➿sewer (soo er)
  • ➿stew  (stoo)
  • yew (yoo)

Sample Sentences

  1. The wind blew hard, so the birds flew away.
  2. The dew on the grass was wet and sparkled like jewels on the ground.
  3. His lewd behavior on the news told us that his mind spent much of its time in the sewer (dirty lewd thoughts).
  4. Church members sit on pews in their church.
  5. She sewed his new blue jeans.
  6. Pew!  What is that smell?
  7. The crew told us the bad news.  When we flew through the storm, a few people got sick, and an engine was damaged, so we would be making an emergency landing at the closest airport.

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