The Ten-Cent Tour

If this is your first visit to this site, we have less than one-minute to pique your interest in our site, so here it is.  The 10-cent tour to let you sample everything we have to offer.  Give us a few minutes of your time, please.  Here are some quick samples of our offerings.

We Offer Speaking Opportunities

  1. Every Sunday, we have a video chat class to discuss a selected TED Talk video.  These are recorded for review purposes.  Watch a few minutes of a sample TED Talk session.  This one was a Christmas special so we created a scripted role-play mystery story about the American and Russian versions of Santa Claus.  We had eight students and two teachers in attendance.  I am the fifth attendee from the left on the attendee bar at the bottom.

  2. I offer live conversation classes at  My rate is 10 lessons for US$120.  Join italki to schedule lessons with me there.  They’re very efficient at allowing students and teachers to schedule and pay for classes.  You can watch my video introduction there.  I am an American native-English speaker from the southern USA.
  3. At the moment we use an application called Telegram as our chat medium.  It is mostly text chat but you can press and hold a microphone icon to send voice-recorded replies instead of typing.  It’s the next closest thing to real-time spoken chat replies.  Below is a sample screenshot of the chat area showing the microphone icon in the lower right corner.  You can see that Ivan has asked me an audio question, and I have responded with an audio answer.  Below the screenshot, you can listen to our two audio recordings in this chat.

Ivan speaking:

Teacher Lee responding:


We Offer Listening, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation Opportunities

  1. I teach by using scenarios (aka role plays) in various settings.  These are scripted conversations that will teach you new vocabulary words while also teaching you conversational speech patterns.  I provide an audio recording, so you can listen without looking at the script text to practice your listening skills and learn how to recognize and pronounce new words.  You can then use the text to check you listening comprehension.

    Open Scuba Diving Adventure in a new tab to listen to and read a sample role-play lesson. This is a particularly good example because there are TWO recordings, one by me and one by a group of three students who recorded their performance while adding sound effects.  Listen to the second one!

    There’s an embedded Learnclick quiz at the end.  Take it and see what you learned!

We Offer Writing Improvement Opportunities

  1. We have writing lessons.  Peruse these links in a new tab to see sample lessons.
    1. Writing Sentences – Step 1
    2. Writing Sentences – Step 2
    3. Writing Sentences – Step 3
  2. I offer a Write It Right course where you submit written materials to me, and I critique and return them to you for corrections.  This continues for two or three cycles until you have an err0r-free product.  This will teach you grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills.  Open this sample session in a new tab to see how it works.  This is a paid course ($50 for the first month, $30 for each subsequent month).
  3. In addition, when you write posts or blog entries or leave comments here, I will often review your writing on these and make corrections and offer writing tips for free.

Did We Succeed in Piquing Your Interest?

Did we hook you?  If so, leave a comment and say so!  Thanks for visiting, and we hope to see you join and come back often.





  1. Hello T. Lee,
    That was a nice intro post for the website. You have succeeded in piquing my interest (you got me at the video). It took me more than a minute to read it all though.

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