Sales Presentation Training Class

Role Dialog
Narrator A trainer is training some floor sales personnel, Suki and Victor, both of whom work in the bedroom furniture department.
Trainer Good morning, everyone.  Welcome to Salesperson Training Class 101.
Suki Will this training be useful in our jobs, or is this just another mandatory but useless “orientation” class for new employees?  We’ve been through several already and I haven’t learned a single, useful thing yet.
Trainer Though often left unspoken, that question is always foremost in most trainees’ minds.  Let me assure you that this training is not only absolutely relevant to your jobs but also absolutely essentialIn fact, if you don’t assimilate and internalize the content of this lesson, take it to heart as it were, then it is very likely that you will not be working here in three months.  Is this crystal clear to everyone?
Victor If you say so(disbelieving tone of voice)
Trainer Okay, let’s start the ball rolling.  Suki, how would you greet a customer that has just walked in the door?
Suki I’d say, “Hello, what can I do for you?”
Trainer That’s okay but it sounds a little too relaxed.  I think we could be more polite in our demeanor.  Remember, “The customer is king”.  Let’s treat them like that.  Let’s greet them a little more formally and professionally with something like, “Good morning.  How may I assist you today?”
Suki Okay.  “Good morning.  How may I assist you today?”
Trainer That’s much better.  Victor, the customer asks if you sell bedroom furniture.  How would you respond?
Victor I’d say, “Yes, as a matter of fact, we do.”
Trainer Hm, that could be perceived as rude.  You could be insulting the customer’s intelligence phrasing it that way.  How about, “Yes, we do.  If you’ll please follow me, I’ll show you where our bedroom furniture is located.”
Victor Can’t I just say, “Yes, follow me to the showroom, please?”  Fewer words.  Seems simpler to me.
Trainer Victor, I think you’re missing the point here.  The goal of this training is not to save your breath when speaking.  It is to make the customer feel welcome and appreciated.  The customer is our bread and butter, after all.
Trainer Suki, once you show the customer to the bedroom furniture showroom area, what would you say then?
Suki Hm.  I guess I would say something like, “This is our bedroom furniture showroom area.  Could I answer any questions for you or show you anything in particular or would you just like to browse around on your own?”
Trainer Good.  Victor, the customer asks you if you have any canopy beds.  How would you reply?
Victor What’s a canopy bed?
Trainer Victor, didn’t you read the Sales Department Orientation Brochure that described all our products in detail?
Victor No, I was too busy with personal stuff.  For example, I had to post some pictures on my Facebook page.
Trainer May I kindly suggest to you that, at work, doing your job in a competent and professional manner should take precedence over that kind of nonessential “personal stuff”?
Victor Yes, ma’am.  (said while not looking contrite at all)
Trainer Suki, would you like to answer the same question?
Suki Uh, sorry, what was that question again?
Trainer (sighs)  The customer asks you if you have any canopy beds.  How would you reply?
Suki Oh.  I would say, “Yes, we do.  Let me show you what we have.”  Then I would escort them over to the canopy bed section.
Trainer And could you please tell Victor what a canopy bed is?
Suki Victor, you dummy!  A canopy bed is one with four tall posts and a decorative roof over the top.
Victor Oooooh!  That kind of bed.  I knew that!
Trainer Be that as it may, if the customer appears to know more about beds than you do, you will not be putting on a good face for our store, will you?
Victor Um, I guess not.
Trainer Are there any questions so far?
Victor What else am I supposed to know?
Trainer Victor, didn’t you pay attention to anything in your one-week orientation course?  You should basically commit the Sales Department Orientation Brochure to memory.  You must know our products thoroughly so you can answer the customer’s questions about them.  You are an ambassador for our store and our company.  You must make a good first impression on the customer.  Being knowledgeable about our products is an essential part of that.
Trainer Okay, let’s take a short break.  Go to the restroom, get some coffee, and return to the classroom in 10 minutes.  Please don’t be late, as we have a lot of material to cover.
Narrator The break begins and ends.
Trainer Okay, let’s continue where we left off.  We were talking about the need to be intimately familiar with our products so we can answer the customer’s questions.  Victor, what kinds of wood are used in our bedroom sets?
Victor Dark woods would include cherry, dark pine, walnut, and mahogany.
Trainer Very good, Victor!  Suki, how about our light woods?
Suki Light woods would include oak, light pine, and our antique white finish.
Trainer Good.  Let’s review the 4-piece Antique Tobacco Oak Bedroom Set.  We are featuring this set this week, so it will be on sale with a 10% discount.  This set includes one bed, one dresser, one mirror, and one nightstand.  The wood has an antique tobacco oak finish.  The bed comes in king and queen sizes.  The nightstand has 3 drawers.  The dresser has 6 drawers; the top drawers have a felt lining.  The mirror mounts on the back of the dresser.  The bed features a large headboard and no footboard.  A matching chest of drawers is not included but may be ordered as an accessory piece.  The set ships in five boxes.  Mattress, box springs and bedding (comforters, sheets, pillows, etc.) are NOT included.
Suki I love this set!  It looks kind of “old world”.
Trainer Let’s go over one more set that has just arrived – the Armada 7‑Piece Bedroom Set.  It comes with bed, bench, chest, dresser, mirror, and two nightstands.  Speaking of “old world”, this has a 17th century medieval Spanish look – dark brown, very elegant, perfect for people with impeccable taste!  King- or queen-size bed, bench has a shelf underneath, chest has 7 drawers, and dresser has 8 drawers.  The wood is pine.  This set is the cat’s meow.



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