Scuba diving lake

I live in industrial area and we have a lot of quarries here. When the mining is done usually they got flooded by water.

Sometimes because of type of that mine those hand-made lakes are interesting. For instance: this one on the picture above is flooded nickel quarry, and it somehow prevent any green weeds or fish live in it. So it’s water always clear and transparent.

Probably it is not useful for humans as well, that’s why we don’t have holidaymakers here. But there is one kind of people who liked empty and transparent water more than others: it’s divers.

They made this lake their residence. They create a lot of stories in the depth, there are a few pictures of those stories:

  • a taxi bus

  • a post apocalypse picture

  • a place for office worker

  • a recreation room for playing checkers
  • a bike for cycling

  • and even a plane

They use that lake for training and also for giving shows.

I like such examples when motivated people do things and create circumstances for themselves without asking others help.

They were not crying and bombarding our municipality with requests to create a park for them, they just made it.

It reminds me ancient times, when people were able to make things for common prosperity: building churches, bridges and roads without asking someone.




  1. Your pictures are amazing! I have never heard of such underwater display before. Russian’s creativity is indeed thriving. 
    I have a question though. Is the water in those man-made lakes potentially dangerous as they are result from mining? You said plants and fish cannot live in those, so I guess they are not friendly to organic organisms.

    1. Yes, Lin, it’s potentially dangerous.

      Nickel is usually found in combination with radioactive materials.

      There is a small radioactive background. Not too dangerous thought, just a little bit above average, but it makes the lake useless for tourists.

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