Sometimes, Sometime, Some Time


Blackmatta requested me to discuss these three similar but different expressions:

  • Sometime
  • Sometimes
  • Some time


Sometimes, a student will suggest a new topic in my Edutainment Group and ask me to please take some time to create a discussion on their requested topic sometime in the near future.

T.Lee: There we go! All should be clear now. Students, are there any questions on when to use these three expressions?

Student: Um, Teacher Lee, could you maybe add a little bit more “meat” to your discussion?

T.Lee: Oh, very well, but only because you asked so nicely.


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Sometime = adverb = at some unspecified time in the future (or in the past)

Think of this as referring to an as-yet-unknown time or date that something
will happen or did happen.

I will do it sometime today. (I don’t know what time I will do it; it may
be at 2:00 or at 3:00 or maybe even later.)

It happened sometime last year. (at some month, day, and time that
are unknown to me)

Sometimes = adverb = at certain times, occasionally as appropriate

I went skiing three times last year. I expect to go skiing several times
this year as well. Why? Sometimes, I just feel like skiing.
(There are just some unpredictable times or occasions when I suddenly
feel like going skiing.)

Sometimes we just get confused about some area of English grammar.

Some time = adjective + noun = an unspecified amount of time

This expression is used as a direct object (or as a subject).

It will take some time to get this done.

Do you have some time to meet with me to discuss this project?


Self-Assessment (or What did you learn?)

That’s it. Time’s up. Time to take a quiz. Fill in the blank with either (a) sometime, (b) sometimes, or (c) some time.

  1. I like to go see a movie _____.
  2. Do you have _____ to go see movie with me?
  3. I meet with him _____.
  4. I will be meeting with him _____ tomorrow.
  5. I will have _____ tomorrow afternoon to meet with him.
  6. _____ I get very tired of living. Don’t you?
  7. Rain will _____ freeze as it falls. Then we call it sleet.
  8. It will take me ____ to finish this assignment you gave me.
  9. He died _____ last month, I think.
  10. _____ has been set aside in the schedule to allow for a question and answer period.
  11. I will _____ have _____ to sit down and create a lesson at night. I can then post it _____ the next day.

Thought question: How would you fill these in?

  1. I like to go see a movie _____. (same as #1 above)
  2. I would like to go see a movie _____.

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