This is a landing page for speaking practice opportunities.


  1. Weekly TED Talks every Sunday at 4:00 pm GMT. (free)
  2. Conversation classes with Teacher Lee at www.italki.com. ($)
    (Note to self:  This color is 97/97/207.)
  3. Telegram Chat Area – This is mainly a text chat area but it allows you to easily record audio responses as desired.  You use this function to practice answering by voice instead of typing.  You must install the Telegram client to access this group.  Contact Ivan for details.  (free)
  4. Go to a scenario/role-play and record yourself reading it.  Email your recording to Teacher Lee (from the main page link) or store your recorded audio file on the Internet and link to it from your blog.  I will listen to it and correct your pronunciation.  Refer to Main Menu > Tools (landing page) to access some recording programs.