Movie class: Donnie Darko

Our recording Picture this slides Vocabulary overbearing hapless blackmail forensic embezzle Our chat OFF AIR Lee You Lee Wright 2 participants OFF AIR Movie class: Donnie Darko Links Group chat To list all available commands enter “/?”. Gerard Arbat joined group chat. Jörgen Olsson joined group chat. Vasanth Prabakar

Movie class: Blade runner

Our recording This movie merges the genres of sci-fiction, romance, and cops-and-robbers. In 2019, in a dreary world of acid rain, overpollution, flying cars, and advanced robotics, Earth has become an undesirable place to live. Most humans live on off-world colonies. Androids called replicants are used off-world to perform tasks

Movie class : Passengers

Our recording:  Expressions: suspended animation (long-term sleep with body functions operating as marginal levels just above death) tether (a safety line that ties you to a stable point to prevent falling too far) Does that seem fishy (suspicious) to you? Are you soiling my barstool? (making it dirty) Concourse –