Book Club: “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” by Francis Scott Fitzgerald

This week we are reading the story by Francis Scott Fitzgerald called “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. I watched the movie (Brad Pitt as the main character) but I haven’t read the story yet. I am looking forward to discussing it with you. Remember about roles and themes and

Book club: “Kew Gardens” by Virginia Woolf

I saw this doodle today and decided that we should get acquainted with this author. So this week we are reading the short story by Virginia Woolf called “Kew Gardens” Please,  read the story, think about main characters, themes, the moral of the story, think of your own questions… Don’t

“Lamb To The Slaughter” by Roald Dahl

Dear Book Club Members, It’s time to discuss a short story. I decided that we deserve an easy and pleasant story to enjoy. 🙂 Leave your comments and questions here. Don’t forget to pick your roles.  The description of the roles/templates you can use while preparing for the meeting: Group Discussion