Movie Club – The Edge of Tomorrow

An arrogant military journalist screws up and is sent to the front line to fight a war against invading aliens trying to conquer the Earth. He knows nothing about weapons or fighting. He is killed within seconds of hitting the beach in an amphibious assault. Suddenly he wakes up and finds that it is the same day but before he was sent to fight. Unfortunately, the same sequence of events plays out and he dies again in the same way. This process begins repeating (live, die, repeat). He does not know why, but he comes to learn that he is in some kind of time loop and the day he is killed repeats over and over. He further learns that the Earth is doomed because the human race cannot defeat this very powerful enemy.

As this time loop begins repeating countless times, he learns to adapt to the time sequence, and he lives a little longer each repetition. Finally he meets a female soldier who has an idea how to use his unique ability to experience this day over and over again may give the human race an edge — a chance to beat the alien invaders. If only he can live long enough to do it without dying permanently…

Movie – Starman (sci-fi romance)

A Voyager space probe that we sent out many years ago to invite aliens to come visit us is discovered by an alien spaceship. They decide to accept our invitation, so they send an alien scout ship to visit the Earth. The lone alien visitor’s scout ship crashes and strands him on the Earth. Now he has to learn some simple English to ask a widowed human woman to help him rendezvous with his mother ship in three days so he can return home. Otherwise, he will die. The movie is about how he tries to save himself from this predicament. There are some funny moments as the woman’s feelings slowly change from terror to fear to curiosity to wonder to love.