TED Talks: Is our universe the only universe

  Chat: FF AIR Lee Wright 6 participants OFF AIR TED Talk: Is our universe the only universe? Group chat To list all available commands enter “/?”. Vasanth Prabakar joined group chat. me 8:59 PM MIUI ? Lee Wright joined group chat. Gerard Arbat joined group chat. Lee Wright 9:02

TED Talk: Hatters gonna hate

  Lee Wright 9:00 PM harvesting (HAR vess teen) leyla eroДџlu joined group chat. Vasanth Prabakar 9:04 PM stand up comedian Lee Wright 9:04 PM Stand-up comedian Now, the American population can be broken up into three main categories: there’s mostly wonderful people, haters and Florida. taxonomy (tack ZON uh

TED Talks: Elon Musk

  Chat: Lee Wright 10:02 PM From the mouth of babies. Elon Musk Interview Entrepreneur visionary Jobs was an a–hole. I think Musk is sincere. Sir Musk me 10:06 PM prominance Lee Wright 10:06 PM Your highness Your Prominence Oh, Great One. Your Majesty me 10:07 PM flock ? Lee

TED Talks: Emotions

  Vocabulary: down to torso disarticulated encephalitics idolatry comity of man spectacular rant scrutiny truism   Chat: Lee Wright 10:03 PM How Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google manipulate our emotions. In Google We Trust. Don’t pay fair share of taxes. Destroy society. Scott Galloway Whose fault is it? It’s our

TED Talks: The future of money

  Chat: Lee Wright 10:03 PM crytocurrency cryptocurrency The Future of Money Diana Yarmolinska 10:04 PM it should be about the future of money 🙂 Alena Kotyukova joined group chat. me 10:05 PM Sergey mute please when you are not talking Alena Kotyukova 10:05 PM ok You muted Alena Kotyukova.