TED Talks: Renewables

Chat: OFF AIR Ivan Korjavin OFF AIR TED Talks: Renewables Group chat To list all available commands enter “/?”. Vasanth Prabakar joined group chat. Lee Wright joined group chat. Vasanth Prabakar 6:57 PM https://padlet.com/prabakarvasanth/TedTalks me 6:57 PM https://padlet.com/prabakarvasanth/TedTalks Lee Wright 6:57 PM watched (watch /t/) I think it was a

TED Talks: Robots

Video: Chat: LIVE Ivan Korjavin 5 participants Group chat To list all available commands, enter “/?”. Lee Wright 21:44 booked (book /t/) watched (/t/) Robots and Our Emotions Towards Them What was the video about? expert in robotics research shared an experience toy dinosaur robot apatosaurus it cried if turned