TED Talks: Emotions

  Vocabulary: down to torso disarticulated encephalitics idolatry comity of man spectacular rant scrutiny truism   Chat: Lee Wright 10:03 PM How Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google manipulate our emotions. In Google We Trust. Don’t pay fair share of taxes. Destroy society. Scott Galloway Whose fault is it? It’s our

TED Talks: Block chain

Video: Presentation: https://prezi.com/view/qI4Ek8FE9CPP5bWbKAft/ Lee Wright 10:03 PM new paradigm of crytography (crip TOG ruh fee) algorithm (AAL guh RITH um) breakthrough that is coming Blockchain is about TRUST. t Gerard Arbat 10:05 PM printing press Lee Wright 10:07 PM Knowledge gap was related to printed materials becoming available. t mass