Take 10 – Ten Words


A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. –Confucius


  1. Read each sentence and guess the meanings of the colored words.
  2. After guessing, mouseover the word and read its pop-up definition.
  3. Listen to my audio and identify the new words as I speak them.
  4. Download, print, and complete the crossword puzzle without looking back at this exercise. Use your memory!
  5. Repeat this lesson daily until you can do the crossword puzzle without error and without hesitation.
  6. Each student must take an oath to Teacher Lee to leave one comment using at least two new words you have learned in this lesson.


  1. The man faced many hardships and had to abandon his dog.
  2. To qualify to become a jet pilot, you must have keen eyesight.
  3. Engineers must have a keen mind to be able to solve problems.
  4. Jealous women have keen eyesight when watching their husbands laugh with other women.
  5. The vacant house had been abandoned long ago.
  6. She swore an oath that she would never be jealous of her husband. She failed.
  7. He was unaccustomed to talking with beautiful women because his jealous wife would never allow him to do so.
  8. Showing tact to her husband’s female friends is a hardship for a jealous wife.
  9. A gallant man would never abandon a beautiful lady in trouble.
  10. Students, do you take an oath to do this lesson every day for three days?


  1. Joe faced many hardships working as a writer. He had to abandon writing as his daily job. But he was keen on writing and he believed he had a keen mind to find materials for his novels. He also understood that to qualify as a good writer, he had to have a keen focus. He was jealous of successful writers who publish books frequently because his mind is sometimes vacant of ideas. He was unaccustomed to making wishes but he swore an oath to write a bestseller one day. He had tried to show his works to some friends. He was quite sure his stories were not very good but his friends, being gallant men, showed tact to him by saying he had a potential.

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