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My name is Diana. I am from Ukraine.
I am a certified English teacher. My major at University was Teaching English language and foreign literature. My minor specialty is an interpreter, and after my studies, I worked for 8 years as a translator and interpreter. In 2012 I completed the online course provided by the International Teacher Training Organization (ITTO) and received the TEFL certificate and later in 2013 – the certificate in Teaching Business English.

I’ve been teaching English online since 2010 or so and I still find it exciting! I am learning every day and am convinced that a good teacher is a passionate learner as well. I enjoy communicating with people from different countries. I love learning about new cultures, customs, and traditions. I enjoy reading, listening to music, watching movies. One of my hobbies is painting (or decorating) of traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs.

To learn more about me, you are welcome to follow my personal journal called “Diana’s Notepad”.   Diana’s Notepad


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  1. Hello, Teacher Diana,
    I am very happy to see you here.
    Your new photo is very nice.
    I hope all of us (students) to be good students for you and Teacher Lee and other teachers.
    Happy New Year 2017 and best wishes,

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