Tech Support Call

Role Dialog
 Narrator  A computer technical support desk, commonly called the Help Desk, is serving customers who call in with computer problems.
 Mike  Help Desk, this is Mike. How may I help you?
 Kathy  My computer has a problem.
Mike Okaaaay, could you be a little more specific? And may I get your name, please?
Kathy I’m Kathy, and I’m trying to do research on the White House you know, where the President works but when I go to the website, it’s, well, it’s, well, it’s a porn website. It’s not taking me to the right website.
Mike Hahaha! Okay, I think I can help you with that, Kathy.  What URL did you type into the address bar of your browser?
Kathy, of course! Are you sure you work for the Help Desk? What’s so funny?
Mike Nothing, Kathy. Your URL is incorrect, that’s all.
Kathy What do you mean its incorrect?  I checked it three times. It’s spelled correctly!
Mike Yes, I’m sure it is, but the domain extension is wrong, that’s all.
Kathy The doma…, huh? The what name?
Mike Never mind.  You just need to type in, not dot-com.
Kathy Huh? Really? I thought everything on the Internet was dot-com.
Mike In most cases, you’d be correct, but there are a few scam websites on the Internet that use that common misconception to get you to go to their websites by mistake.
Kathy Well, that’s dishonest! How dare they do that!
Mike Yes, that’s how we feel about it too.  Could I ask you to type in the new URL I gave you to make sure you get to the right place?
Kathy Okay, hold on a minute. W-W-W-DOT-WhiteHouse-DOT-G-O-V. Hey!  It worked! Thanks!
Mike No problem. Is there anything I can help you with today?
Kathy No, that’s it, but somebody should do something about that dishonest website.
Mike Yes, ma’am. I’ll put in a help ticket to the appropriate authorities on that.  Have a nice day, ma’am.
Mike (to himself) That was an easy one. One down, a hundred to go
(phone rings)
Help Desk, this is Mike. How may I help you today?
Nancy I can’t get to the Internet! I’ve got a term paper due tomorrow.
I need to get to the Internet, like now!
Mike I can understand your anxiety, Miss, um. May I get your name?
Nancy Nancy, Nancy! Can you help me get on the Internet?  The sooner, the better!
Mike Okay, Nancy. I’ll try to help you with that.  Can you get to your home page in your browser?
Nancy  No, I can’t get to any web page on the Internet at all!
 Mike  Are you getting an error message on the screen?
 Nancy  Yes, it says something about ‘Unable to Locate Host’.
 Mike  Hm, that sounds like you’ve lost Internet connectivity.
Can you check that your router is turned on and has power?
Nancy Just a minute. (she leaves and returns) It doesn’t have any lights on on it.  I think it should, right?
Mike That’s right, Nancy.  Can you check that its plugged in?
Nancy Okay. (she leaves and returns) It’s plugged into the wall, but I found the power cable to the router had been knocked out. Maybe my cat hit it.  I plugged it back in, and there are lights blinking on the router now.
Mike Good. See if you can get to the Internet now.
Nancy Yes! It’s working! You’ve saved my life! Bye! (click)
Mike (to himself) That was another easy one. Two down, ninety-nine to go (phone rings)  Help Desk, this is Mike. How may I help you today?
Quint Yes, my name is Quint. I’m an IT tech support guy at Best Buy.
We have a service contract with you for tech support. We have a problem.
Mike Okay, stand by while I check that.  Yep, Best Buy’s one of our platinum customers. What’s the problem, Quint?
Quint We sell computers, lots of computers, and theyre all connected to the Internet. Or they used to be. Half of our stores computers have lost their Internet connections. The other half are still connected. I’m not sure what to do. I’ve never seen this problem before.
Mike Hm, sounds like a hardware problem. Go to the Server Room and locate the Core Builder.
Quint (later) Okay, I’m in the Server Room at the Core Builder.
Mike Can you determine what ports on the Core Builder are being used to feed all your computer jacks?
Quint Yes, it looks like Ports 201 and 202 are feeding the wall jacks.
Mike Determine which port is feeding the computers that have lost connectivity with the Internet and swap that cable to a different port. It may be a bad port.
Quint Okay, it looks like Port 202 is feeding the affected computers.
I moved that cable to Port 203 instead. Let me check the affected computers now. (later) Yay! That fixed the problem!
Mike Great. I’ll update the ticket to say we fixed your problem by swapping a Core Builder output cable from Port 202 to 203. And I’ll annotate that Port 202 is bad and should be tagged ‘Do Not Use’ until it can be fixed.
Quint Thanks, Mike! You’re a life saver!
Mike All in a days work, Quint. Bye.


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