TED Talk class: The riddle of experience vs. memory

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to be messed up
to be lumped in with something else
screeching noise
to relive the past
to dominate
to not leave a trace
to put weight on something
the bottom line
well-being vs. happiness
to attend to things
it turns out that…
to end up (gerund)…
to get progressively (unhappier, etc.)
to turn what we think upside-down
less off /better off pattern
scope it out (check it out; investigate it)

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pig ?

Lee Wright 8:58 PM
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Lee Wright 9:00 PM
register (j)
full house today
choppy sound

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Do you hear us?
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Lee Wright 9:04 PM
experiencing self moments are fleeting and disappear quickly
memories last longer

Diana Yarmolinska 9:05 PM
split personality 🙂

Lee Wright 9:05 PM
time is viewed differently
by our two selves
memories create “stories”

Thein Lin Aung 9:05 PM
Please share the padlet link.

me 9:05 PM

Vasanth Prabakar 9:06 PM

Lee Wright 9:06 PM
happy IN your life vs. happy ABOUT your life
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Diana Yarmolinska 9:07 PM
the procedure’s name is colonoscopy
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Lee Wright 9:07 PM
scope = see
colonoscopy = see the colon operation

me 9:08 PM
Diana you have the choppy sound again

Gerard Arbat 9:11 PM

Vasanth Prabakar 9:12 PM

Diana Yarmolinska 9:12 PM
I agree

Lee Wright 9:13 PM
America is not a “happy” place right now for the liberals. They are miserable. Yay!
Can we measure happiness?

Vasanth Prabakar 9:14 PM

Lee Wright 9:14 PM
Sometimes to me, happiness is the absence of misery.
If you smoke pot all the time…

me 9:15 PM
happy IN your life
happy ABOUT your life

Thein Lin Aung 9:15 PM

Lee Wright 9:16 PM
You are happy IN your life but when you look back at your accomplishments, you did nothing productive your whole life. Would you be happy about that?

me 9:16 PM
1. Explain the differences between the experiencing self and the remembering self in terms of: (1) living in the moment, (2) time, and (3) planning future actions.

Diana Yarmolinska 9:16 PM
Can you be happy if you did nothing productive your whole life?

Lee Wright 9:18 PM
Experiencing self = Living IN the MOMENT. Remembering self does NOT care about NOW.
We see happiness with 20/20 hindsight.
“The Good Old Days” are from the remembering self.
Alpinist = mountain climber
the challenges I overcame
Panic in the moment; pride after it’s done.
The wedding is the moment.
After the wedding is the eternity of suffering.
There were three traps.
Happiness is complex.
Well-being and happiness are different.
Happiness is instantaneous
Well-being is ongoing

Thein Lin Aung 9:24 PM

Gerard Arbat 9:25 PM

Lee Wright 9:26 PM
Well-being = a general feeling of satisfaction, of having enough in life to survive comfortable
Happiness is an intense moment that is short-lived

Gerard Arbat 9:27 PM

Lee Wright 9:29 PM
The remembering self defines happiness in hindsight, not in the moment.

Vasanth Prabakar 9:29 PM

Lee Wright 9:29 PM
The experiencing self defines happiness right NOW.
The NOW is panic. Having the panic in the past is RELIEF NOW.
Speak a little louder, please.

Diana Yarmolinska 9:31 PM

Gerard Arbat 9:32 PM
ask T Lee

Lee Wright 9:32 PM
The good old days was slower-paced, had better human interactions.
They were “happy” compared to “now”.
Happy is the absence of misery.
Optical illusions are a type of “cognitive trap”.
confuse you, trick you, deceive you…
Would you take a vacation that you knew would have no memories produced from it?
I think I was happy for a week last year, but I can’t remember it so I’m not sure…
The movie “Total Recall”. Get the memories without taking the trip.

Gerard Arbat 9:37 PM
watch Pulp Ficition

Lee Wright 9:37 PM

Gerard Arbat 9:37 PM
because smoking pot is legal

Lee Wright 9:37 PM
Drugs can be obtained freely.

Gerard Arbat 9:39 PM

Lee Wright 9:40 PM
Amsterdam, Netherlands, is an illegal-drug-tolerant place.
If you get zonked on drugs, you will have no memories.

me 9:41 PM
Total recall with Arnold and Sharon Stone

Lee Wright 9:41 PM

Gerard Arbat 9:41 PM

Lee Wright 9:41 PM
You’d have something to tell your kids about.
to brag about

Gerard Arbat 9:41 PM
better than travelling without memories

Thein Lin Aung 9:42 PM
Why not?

Lee Wright 9:42 PM
You remember the fear, the suspense, the thrills, the panic, the joy of victory!
Memory without the trip.

Gerard Arbat 9:43 PM

Lee Wright 9:44 PM
Trip without memories or memories without the trip.
Was that the government policies?
Souvenirs might be an example.

Gerard Arbat 9:45 PM
now we have selfies

Lee Wright 9:46 PM
Curio cabinet

Vasanth Prabakar 9:46 PM
and also show it to the visitors to your home.

Lee Wright 9:47 PM
refrigerator magnets

me 9:47 PM
. If our remembering selves differ so much from experiencing selves, can we rely on the remembering self to make decisions and predict outcomes?

Lee Wright 9:48 PM

Vasanth Prabakar 9:49 PM
It looked like Russian when mirrored 😀

Lee Wright 9:50 PM
India has no refrigerators though. 😉

Thein Lin Aung 9:50 PM
T shirts are common souvenirs here.

Jörgen Olsson 9:51 PM
I buys t-shirt as souvenirs

Gerard Arbat 9:51 PM
why the video is inverted?

Lee Wright 9:52 PM
Psychology: Money is a “dissatisfier” but not a “satisfier”.

Gerard Arbat 9:54 PM

Lee Wright 9:54 PM
billionaires don’t have enough!

Vasanth Prabakar 9:55 PM

Gerard Arbat 9:55 PM

Lee Wright 9:56 PM
Big flood a year ago.
Millionaires couldn’t buy food then.
Saying: “Money can’t buy happiness.”

Gerard Arbat 9:56 PM
Pablo Escobar

Lee Wright 9:56 PM
Burn money to make a fire for heat.
DIfferent level of money in each country.
“Enough money”
to have a feeling of well-being.
Music, hobbies

Gerard Arbat 9:58 PM

Lee Wright 9:58 PM
Being with people you like/love is the best measure of happiness according to the video speaker.
“Happiness is overrated.”
Well-being is more important.
Group hug!

Vasanth Prabakar 9:59 PM

Lee Wright 10:00 PM
Your take-away from this meeting.

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