TED Talk: How algorithms shape our world


  1. precipice = a high cliff (from which it is easy to fall)
  2. metaphor = a method of comparison in English where you compare something to something else by saying it is that thing.  He’s a shark.  Be careful.
  3. algorithm = a small computer program that receives data inputs and produces some output or response.
  4. ossify = calcify = to harden, to turn into stone or bone = to become rigid and inflexible or stagnant
  5. illegible = unreadable; so messy or confusing that it cannot be read to make sense out of it
  6. to go awry = to go astray; to become lost or off-target
  7. far-fetched = almost impossible to believe; “way out in left field”; unbelievable
  8. manifest destiny = you define your destiny and convince people that that is your destiny and it will become so; youjr power of will and belief makes it happen when otherwise it would not
  9. to have one’s work cut out for one = to face a huge effort or obstacle ahead that must be overcome if one is to succeed
  10. prophecy = a prediction about a future event that is believed to be a certainty that cannot be avoided



Lee Wright 9:11 PM
An algorithm is a set of computer instructions that takes an input and produces an output.
Prime number has no factors except 1 and itself.
delegate tasks
Brewing a cup of coffee is like an algorthm.

Matta Black 9:16 PM
Currency markets?

Lee Wright 9:17 PM
They interact and sometimes fight each other.
Safety stop.
AI is surpassing our ability to control it.

Matta Black 9:18 PM
drones monitors is a good example

Lee Wright 9:19 PM
scouts look for danger
Guard or sentry
People are just guarding the cash register.

me 9:22 PM
the study of mathematical models of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers

Lee Wright 9:22 PM
Game Theory
divorce settlement, property division of assets
conflict resolution
microseconds matter when brokers and market behavior

Matta Black 9:25 PM
Isolated island?

Lee Wright 9:25 PM
People are buying buildings close to the stock market servers to receive the digital information a millisecond faster
than people farther away
rudimentary stock market
postal delivery
mail delivery
faster delivery
one day delivery

Gerard Arbat 9:29 PM

Lee Wright 9:29 PM
Amazon Prime’s free shipping.
How can they afford that?
Uber, Swift
Government subsidies allow private companies to undersell other countries’ products

me 9:33 PM
4. Can you provide some examples of where you encounter algorithms in your life?

Lee Wright 9:33 PM
Algorithms you use in your life.
Starting a car
Booting up a computer
Brewing a cup of coffee
Trying on clothes

me 9:34 PM
A wife sends her (programmer) husband to the shop and says
“Buy a loaf of bread, and if there are eggs, buy ten.”

How many loaves will he buy if there are eggs in the shop?

Lee Wright 9:34 PM
Vague English grammar.
Buy one loaf of bread.
If they have eggs, buy ten (loaves of bread or eggs?).
Java is web-based, PHP.

Matta Black 9:37 PM
5 loaves and 5 breads, this will make 10 anyway 😛

Lee Wright 9:37 PM
Visual Basic is used in Microsoft Office programs
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
PowerShell is a Window’s script language that has replaced VBScript.
*.BAT files are script files.
*.VBS are VBScript script files.

Matta Black 9:44 PM
I ask myself if I mute the sound now or not.. remember that time, Ivan? 😀
I check, yes.. it’s muted. then again, yes..!

Lee Wright 9:44 PM
“Muscle memory”
Driving a manual shift car

me 9:47 PM
the cerebellum

Lee Wright 9:47 PM
medulla oblongata
spinal cord

me 9:49 PM
2. Should we always understand how our algorithms work?

Lee Wright 9:49 PM
hard drive
Driverless car?
How does its algorithm work?

Gerard Arbat 9:50 PM

Lee Wright 9:51 PM
Subway trains could be driverless
Small traders trade manually.
Matta Black left group chat.
Matta Black joined group chat.

Lee Wright 9:51 PM
Large traders use computers to make transactions.
neural networks can “learn” themselves.
Computer, please figure this out for me.
We’re doomed!
chatbots are algorithms

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