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me 12:03 PM
dying of heat
dying from the heat
lat- (side)(as in side to side)

Vasanth Prabakar 12:06 PM
we had election today 😀

Jörgen Olsson 12:06 PM
i saw that, Vasanth
Havbe you voted?

Vasanth Prabakar 12:06 PM
Yes. I did 🙂

me 12:07 PM
formed alliances
to shift the balance of power
Is the comedian still running?
constituency (kun STITCH choo wun see)
favorite = favored to win
consecutive (kun SEK yuh tiv)
how many parties
five major parties
many small parties
indelible ink
India ink
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Vasanth Prabakar 12:22 PM
It’s Throwback Thursday T.Lee. Throw your mobile 😀 😀
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me 12:23 PM
Leyla’s teaming up on us to outnumber us.
Speaker is a lady who calls herself an ex-feminist.

Vasanth Prabakar 12:24 PM
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me 12:24 PM
Made a video with interviews with men’s rights activists.
44 interviews
The interviews changed her mind.
Her opinion evolved throughout the interview.
She initially did not listen to what they were saying.
She had already prejudged themmm.
their words
she THEN “heard” what they said.
Domestic violence
sometimes husbands are beaten
by larger women

leyla eroğlu 12:27 PM
so biased?

me 12:28 PM
she was TOO feminist
too biased

leyla eroğlu 12:28 PM

me 12:28 PM
and she recognized it
and she changed her viewpoint
her arguments were non-sequitur.
Her feminist friends attacked her at the end.
Traitor to your gender!
Men have rights too.
Equal rights!
100 hours of footage
a rung of a ladder
rung – step
a rung = a stepping stone
Turkish society’s views

Ivan Korjavin 12:37 PM

me 12:37 PM
Men are macho
What’s the problem with your country!
Like Democrats and Republicans
Two realities that don’t overlap
Women are becoming more financially independent
Men are evil.
Whites are evil
Straight people are equal
Its meaning has changed, I think.
Feminist today = anti-men

Vasanth Prabakar 12:44 PM

me 12:44 PM
Some gender roles
are good to me but not to some people
affects more than just the victims
affects society too
to paint with a broad brush
to treat all the same as one

Ivan Korjavin 12:46 PM
6. Does the suicide rate have a connection with feminism?

me 12:46 PM
How many of men and women suicides?
Suicide = economic, social, justice
money debts, drugs, fragile
loss of love ones
support and self-respect

leyla eroğlu 12:49 PM
and if u are strong to handle the difficulties
Italian women are really dominant

me 12:51 PM
Count me in (include me)
false accusations
Were you biased?
Maybe you were subconsciously biased?

leyla eroğlu 12:53 PM

me 12:53 PM
Ivan, exit and come back in
Women are jealous

Vasanth Prabakar 12:54 PM
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me 12:55 PM
the pendulum is swinging the way

Ivan Korjavin 12:55 PM
5. Do you have any laws to protect men against women?

me 12:55 PM
These laws are coming!
Rape is accepted in India
and it’s getting worse!

leyla eroğlu 12:57 PM
ohhh nooo
what does it mean

me 12:57 PM
Men feel too privileged
against woemn

leyla eroğlu 12:58 PM
ohh This is cruel

me 12:58 PM
Women are dehumanized
The danger of a single story
Media may be “the enemy of the people”
The media attacked the speaker
Developed countries
are a little better
Is India considered “developed country”?

Ivan Korjavin 1:01 PM

me 1:01 PM
after dark!
women are in danger

Vasanth Prabakar 1:01 PM

me 1:02 PM
warned never to speak with a woman on the street
6 months in prison
just an accusation is all that is needed
kiss a check
low neck line
walk at midnight freely
that is true freedom
In the USA, even jogging

leyla eroğlu 1:04 PM

me 1:05 PM
You got lost
and a man approached
I don’t have any money.
Join us.

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