TED Talk : Teach arts and sciences together



  1. existential angst = anxiety or worry about what the meaning of life is or what’s important in life?
  2. to pry = to try to find out information you aren’t supposed to know
  3. to revitalize = rejuvenate, make vital or new again
  4. to take for granted = to assume something will always be available to you, and so you don’t appreciate it until it’s gone.
  5. laggard= a slow, lazy person
  6. to reconcile = to make conflicting differences work or fit together
  7. schism= split, dichotomy
  8. tongue-in-cheek = facetious, joking, kidding
  9. to stymie = to stop or obstruct, to block or hinder
  10. to choreograph = to compose or design a dance routine
  11. in touch with (nature/yourself) = having a good understanding of and appreciation for
  12. dissemination  = the distribution of information
  13. inane= stupid, silly
  14. to spur = to prod, to motivate
  15. to bolster = to boost, to strengthen
  16. to gut = to rip the insides out of something
  17. too concrete ?
  18. chastity= the state or or practice of refraining from extramarital, or especially from all, sexual intercourse


Our chat:

Lee Wright 9:00 PM
warming (warm een)
chastity = purity or virginity
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Lee Wright 9:02 PM
Any news in your country?

Gerard Arbat 9:02 PM
the padlet link please

Lee Wright 9:02 PM

me 9:02 PM

Lee Wright 9:03 PM
Egypt => Kuwait.
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me 9:04 PM
Please explain one line, one idea from the TED talk

Lee Wright 9:06 PM
studied medicine and dance
Alice in Wonderland
Crazy comment
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Diana Yarmolinska 9:08 PM

Vasanth Prabakar 9:08 PM
Hello Diana!!!

me 9:08 PM
Can you speak Diana?

Lee Wright 9:09 PM
science and art are complementary

Diana Yarmolinska 9:09 PM
I am really bad.

Lee Wright 9:09 PM
treated separately

Diana Yarmolinska 9:09 PM
I had no time to watch the talk

me 9:09 PM
don’t worry
we have many general questions

Diana Yarmolinska 9:09 PM
Just couple of minutes of talk

Lee Wright 9:09 PM
creativity (art) and science (logic)
What is the difference between science and art?

Gerard Arbat 9:10 PM

Vasanth Prabakar 9:10 PM

Lee Wright 9:11 PM
Science provides an understanding of a universal experience, and arts provides a universal understanding of a personal experience.
Art appeals to the five senses.
Science appeals to the intellect.
Art is internal feelings.
Science is studying external phenomena.
Russian: One exception makes a general rule better.
Practical and ugly
Practical and pretty.
Beautiful skyscrapers and blocky, ugly skyscrapers

Diana Yarmolinska 9:16 PM
sorry, phone call

me 9:16 PM
3. Can we define difference between science and art
Has your country included fine arts teaching as other subjects in basic education?

Lee Wright 9:18 PM
fine arts = requiring great skill
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Lee Wright 9:19 PM
Fine arts
1. creative art, especially visual art, whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content. “the convergence of popular culture and fine art”
2. an activity requiring great skill or accomplishment.
“he’ll have to learn the fine art of persuasion”
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Lee Wright 9:22 PM
Science is objective.
Art is subjective.
blueprint, mechanical drawing
draw to scale
“mechanical drawing”
“technical drawing”
“architectural drawing”
Courses – mandatory or elective (voluntary)
Have to earn credits.
If all courses are mandatory with no choices allowed, the curriculum may not be suitable for all students.
Many students tend to take easy courses. In this case, we would have no engineers.
Should art be taught in schools?
Schools are JOB-related.

Vasanth Prabakar 9:33 PM

Lee Wright 9:33 PM
Saying: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.
Elective courses only in 11, 12 grades.

Diana Yarmolinska 9:35 PM

Lee Wright 9:36 PM
Public schools are NOT tailored to detect individual talents, but to “appeal” to everyone.
Sometimes you pay for “the name”.
Apple watch versus Casio watch.

Jörgen Olsson 9:37 PM

Diana Yarmolinska 9:37 PM

Lee Wright 9:38 PM
Some paintings don’t become famous until after death.

me 9:38 PM
In you childhood, What was the parents & teachers reaction when somebody choose arts instead of academic? Has that culture changed?

Lee Wright 9:39 PM
Russian ballet dancers.
TV program in Ukraine
“So you think you can dance.”
A minimal set of math skills is required by everyone.
Algebra, calculus? Probably not.
If you are going on to college from high school, you need college-preparatory courses.
chemistry, physics
Not relevant to the common person
Science is a necessity to survive. Art is a luxury after survival is ensured.
No more geniuses anymore.
Einstein, Da Vinci, etc.
Government requirements drive our educational restrictions.
Standardized tests in math, reading, science, and writing drive the importance/priority of these subjects. Music and drawing are NOT standardized tests that must be passed.
China tells you what your major will be.

Gerard Arbat 9:49 PM

Lee Wright 9:49 PM
Book: The Giver

Gerard Arbat 9:51 PM
in China most citizens are paws

Lee Wright 9:51 PM
paws? pawns?

Gerard Arbat 9:51 PM

Vasanth Prabakar 9:51 PM
Home science.

Lee Wright 9:52 PM

Jörgen Olsson 9:52 PM
What about pawns?

Gerard Arbat 9:52 PM
Chess pawns
it’s a metaphor

Lee Wright 9:54 PM
Science gets priority. Once these needs are met, then more personal freedom is permitted.
College is a waste of time in many cases.
Art contributes to happiness.
Science contributes to comfort.
I have a low opinion of musicians and artists? I am a science person.
You WILL be a doctor because your dad was a doctor.

Gerard Arbat 9:57 PM

Lee Wright 9:58 PM
Actors children sometimes become actors as well.
But not always.

Vasanth Prabakar 9:58 PM

Lee Wright 9:59 PM
In college I majored in electrical engineering. I had very few objectives. Taking Chinese language was the ONLY course in college in four years that I enjoyed.
Time is almost up.
They encourage their children to seek their own goals.

Gerard Arbat 10:00 PM
we should wrap it up

Lee Wright 10:00 PM

Some examples of science and art integrated together.

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