TED Talks: Elon Musk



Lee Wright	10:02 PM
From the mouth of babies.
Elon Musk Interview
Jobs was an a--hole.
I think Musk is sincere.
Sir Musk
me	10:06 PM
Lee Wright	10:06 PM
Your highness
Your Prominence
Oh, Great One.
Your Majesty
me	10:07 PM
flock ?
Lee Wright	10:07 PM
his fans, idols
fanatical fans
me	10:07 PM
Lee Wright	10:07 PM
He's an icon.
An iconic figure
me	10:08 PM
pay pall
Lee Wright	10:08 PM
don't innovate
not forward-thinking
Pay Pal is convenient.
Some consumer protections
I use it
It's simple to pay.
Limited services in Ukraine.
Its use is almost transparent to me.
A niche industry
Has competition
Pay Pal
Tesla electric car
He discussed 3 phases
Tesla cars are environmentally friendly.
Car manufacturers
Gerard Arbat	10:15 PM
Lee Wright	10:16 PM
Buy a Tesla or a flamethrower, you are helping travel to Mars!
Free electrical charging stations
distance and speed?
comfort, features?
Simple = no frills.
No bells and whistles.
Lighter is better.
Practical car for the masses, like the original Volkswagen Beetle
Some weather conditions are not conducive to battery power.
Drive 160 miles, rest 20 minutes
Economies of scale
Gerard Arbat	10:20 PM
Lee Wright	10:20 PM
Big plants can produce electricity more efficiently than 1,000,000 small cars
Power station
Cool car-assembly factory.
No humans.
More responsive
Different dynamics
A drain on his finances....
Technology has to be developed.
to make Tesla more profitable.
Solar panels are expensive right now.
Batteries for nighttime.
Excess energy gives you a credit.
Distributed Energy System
No disadvantages.
Need a lot of sun!
Very expensive.
He's revolutionizing the space industry!
He is going to make space travel affordable.
He can do it cheaper than NASA.
stock shares
His visions are uplifting.
Japan, German, China - everyone copies from others.
Can' reinvent the wheel on everything.
He tried.
Next time it will land on Mars.
and drive around and meet the Mars rovers from NASA.
Reusable rockets
will reduce cost by 100-fold.
He is leading the way. Others will join in this effort to start a NEW INDUSTRY.
He is inspiring others.
Gerard Arbat	10:38 PM
Lee Wright	10:38 PM
Impress people and they will donate money to help you.
1969 moon landing
Colonizing another planet is INSURANCE to ensure our continued existence if Earth were to be destroyed.
Gerard Arbat	10:41 PM
Lee Wright	10:42 PM
Virus, disease, hunger, earthquakes, loss of the oceans, no fish, asteroid
Gerard Arbat	10:43 PM
Lee Wright	10:43 PM
Mankind is the greatest disaster fro the Earth.
Population will increase faster and faster.
Offsite "data" storage
Sometimes it's easier to start over from scratch than to fix an existing mess.
smart phones
energy or food
cybernetic humans
Gerard Arbat	10:47 PM
self driving cars
Lee Wright	10:47 PM
driverless cars
computer-enhanced minds
chips in our head for Internet access or person-to-person communications by "thinking"
"Stepford Wives" movies
Gerard Arbat	10:49 PM
our consciousness inside achip
Lee Wright	10:49 PM
If we live longer, more problematic.
WE use 10% of our brain.
It will follow us to the ends of the universe!
it will focus your thinking

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