TED Talks: ex-machina

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Lee Wright	10:02 PM
Do Androids Dream about Electric Sheep?
Gerard Arbat	10:02 PM
Blade Runner
was inspired in this book
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Lee Wright	10:05 PM
distortion in the audio
me	10:05 PM
Lee Wright	10:07 PM
Deus ex machina
"god from the machine" (Latin)
former machine
Consciousness from a machine
Caleb, Nathan (Nate), Ava
me	10:10 PM
Lee Wright	10:10 PM
Caleb won a company contest
flown by helicopter to a lab in the middle of nowhere (mountains, forest).
He met the CEO Nathan.
who had built an AI robot.
computer-controlled lab/residence
Caleb was to perform a Turing Test on Ava, an AI.
Turing Test determines if an AI has consciousness.
Nate's test was "Can a robot pretend in order to fool a human?"
Turing Test inside of a Turing Test.
Here's a robot. She looks like a robot. You KNOW she's a robot. Now convince yourself she's not a robot.
Chat bots are everywhere on the Internet.
Not scripted
any method is acceptable
to obtain the result
Vasanth Prabakar	10:17 PM
Lee Wright	10:18 PM
She was a prisoner.
Ava was smarter than them all.
She reflected his questions back on him at appropriate times.
Company was like Google.
It new everyone's videos, audios, responses, likes, dislikes, etc.
Gerard Arbat	10:23 PM
Lee Wright	10:25 PM
Why did Nate do this test? He seemed to already know the answer. Who was he trying to convince?
Did Nathan have a drinking problem or was it all a trick?
Power cuts
mysterious at first
Don't trust Nathan!
Gerard Arbat	10:27 PM
Lee Wright	10:28 PM
He was infatuated, fasdincated, enthralled.
Vasanth Prabakar	10:28 PM
he fell in her trap
Lee Wright	10:30 PM
an intelligent "man" would surprise you
Gerard Arbat	10:31 PM
Lee Wright	10:33 PM
in cahoots with = conspiring with
Vasanth Prabakar	10:34 PM
May be he might added it later.
me	10:36 PM
2. Do you think those hangovers of Nathan were real?
Jörgen Olsson	10:41 PM
Gerard Arbat	10:42 PM
Lee Wright	10:43 PM
Low furniture
gray colors here
Vasanth Prabakar	10:43 PM
The floor is also underground.
Lee Wright	10:43 PM
He wanted to be "buddies", two guys drinking beers.
Post-it notes for brainstorming?
Agile technique
tens not hundreds of notes is more normal
if you have a reason to start, then you can't start.
strokes of the brush
Vasanth Prabakar	10:50 PM
At this scene, caleb was complaining about the test. It is like playing chess with computer.
me	10:50 PM
Lee Wright	10:51 PM
Chaotic approach is better than a logical approach.
Monte Carlo math?
area of a circle
fracture mechanics
calculus, integral smaller pieces
integration of infinitely small areas gets more and more accurate
intuition is the subtle integration of many small indications
punching bag
Vasanth Prabakar	10:54 PM
Lee Wright	10:55 PM
This scene showed me that Nathan cared nothing about exploiting his robots.
Dreams are weird sometimes.
Why make a robot that can dance?
AI hasn't reached our level yet.
humanity towards a self-conscious AI?
me	11:03 PM
3. What was the real test?
Gerard Arbat	11:03 PM
Lee Wright	11:04 PM
Moral: If a robot can be devious, then it passes the Turing Test.
3 rules of robotics
You cannot harm MEj!
Gerard Arbat	11:06 PM
this a similar movie
Lee Wright	11:06 PM
I haven't heard of this movie.
Gerard Arbat	11:06 PM
you'll enjoy it
Lee Wright	11:06 PM
I'll watch it.
Gerard Arbat	11:08 PM
me	11:09 PM
we can program a robot to hate Trump, not a big deal

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