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Ivan Korjavin
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Lee Wright 7:30 PM
wisdom teeth
Sex Workers
Man was grateful to one for helping him deal with his loneliness.
Sex workers can actually provide a good function in society for some people.
Besides just sex.
Speaker is idealistic.
Speaker was educated and high-class.
Speaker views herself as a therapist-sex worker-BFF.
Social workers
Department of Employment
or Unemployment
guard (GARD)
Legal in some countries; illegal in others.
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Lee Wright 7:39 PM
Prostitution is view negatively in the USA. Legality may vary from state to state. I’m not even sure.

Gerard Arbat 7:40 PM

Lee Wright 7:40 PM
Slave traders

Vasanth Prabakar 7:41 PM
human trafficking?

Lee Wright 7:41 PM
Sex trafficking
Pimps are usually black with pink cadillac cars
Cadillac cars
In the old days, we had “red light districts”. A red light at night was a prostitute marker.

me 7:44 PM
2. Do you have any city which is dedicated to sex workers?

Lee Wright 7:44 PM
Internet “frees” sex workers from depending on pimps.
None in general.
Navy bases and prostitutes => “Fleet Street”
Any big city
Drug areas (Harlem in New York City)

Vasanth Prabakar 7:45 PM

Lee Wright 7:47 PM
Sex workers in big cities stand on street corners. Their dress and manner make it obvious they are looking for “johns”.
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Gerard Arbat 7:47 PM

Lee Wright 7:48 PM
A van
loads up to take them to work.

Gerard Arbat 7:48 PM
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Lee Wright 7:50 PM
Escort Services
Call girls
are high-class
Whores are low-level
Hidden in plain sight in the USA
Gentlemen’s Club
Strip Clubs
Restaurants with sexy waitresses
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Vasanth Prabakar 7:54 PM

me 7:55 PM
4. Can anyone come on stage and confess that he/she is a sex worker like this lady in your country? What would be the reaction of Public?

Lee Wright 7:55 PM
Oriental women are renowned for marrying Americans just to get into the country for a green card.
We would say, “So?”

Vasanth Prabakar 7:56 PM

me 7:56 PM

Lee Wright 7:56 PM
Bible word
Indians are prudish.
Answered professionally
and calmly
“Honor killing”
Might be local to one region.

Vasanth Prabakar 8:03 PM

Lee Wright 8:03 PM
Not a big deal.
Sex workers exist.
It’s a job.

Vasanth Prabakar 8:03 PM

me 8:04 PM
6. Can a better sexual life reduce crimes in our society? What do you think?

Lee Wright 8:04 PM
Legalizing prostitution may prevent some rapes.
May help some marriages.
Desperate Housewives TV show

me 8:06 PM
5. What are the common problems faced by sex workers in your opinion?

Lee Wright 8:06 PM
personal freedoms
disease, abortion options
blackmail, extort

Vasanth Prabakar 8:07 PM
exposed to sexually transmitted deceases.

Lee Wright 8:08 PM
Legal => pay taxes!

Gerard Arbat 8:08 PM

Lee Wright 8:08 PM
But can advertise openly.
Street workers don’t need to advertise.

me 8:09 PM
3. What do you think about male sex workers? Are they common in your country?

Lee Wright 8:10 PM
We have sex toy stores.
Windows are covered.
Male sex workers are called gigolos.
toy boys

me 8:11 PM
Don Juan = from some classical literature

Lee Wright 8:11 PM
Don Juan
Don Quixote
Bill Clinton was known as a womanizer.
“the oldest profession”

Vasanth Prabakar 8:13 PM

Lee Wright 8:14 PM
Platonic friend
(no sex)

Gerard Arbat 8:14 PM

me 8:14 PM
Do you remember a movie Casino? WIth Robert De Niro.

Lee Wright 8:15 PM
“Pretty Woman”

Vasanth Prabakar 8:15 PM
“Are you talking to me?”
famous phrase from that movie

Lee Wright 8:16 PM
Extra income
My wife is available…

Vasanth Prabakar 8:16 PM

Lee Wright 8:17 PM
It’s interesting that “wife-swapping” is NEVER done in movies.
Sex is good
as long as
it’s consensual!
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