TED Talks: Is our universe the only universe



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TED Talk: Is our universe the only universe?
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Lee Wright	9:02 PM
Riddick movie series
Is our universe the only universe?
Are there multiple universes?
Planets, star system, galaxy
trillions of galaxies
expanding faster and faster
Avogadro's number
single story
many stories
Our "constants" may have different "constant" values in other universes.
black matter and black energy
we can't see it and we can't detect it
but it must be there to explain the mathematics
Is our universe a computer simulation and we are digital programs running within it?
me	9:15 PM
Lee Wright	9:15 PM
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
String Theory
Common components for ALL matter everywhere
"strings" are the smallest component of matter.
quantum particles
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Lee Wright	9:17 PM
Bohr invented the Bohr Model of the Atom.
me	9:18 PM
Lee Wright	9:20 PM
3 dimensions
4th dimension is time
other dimensions are what?
me	9:20 PM
Lee Wright	9:21 PM
parallel universes may be another dimension
me	9:21 PM
12 string
Lee Wright	9:24 PM
Inflation = expansion
Gravity should make the universe collapse
repulsive force
north and south poles on a magnet
N-N repel
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Lee Wright	9:27 PM
We can see the effect of black energy.
The inflationary effect is moving everything apart at faster than the speed of light.
Multiple universes
with different laws of physics
String Theory
All matter can be broken down into "strings" as the final basic particles.
me	9:31 PM
Lee Wright	9:31 PM
Inflation or expansion of the universe
Sun will die in 5 billion years
me	9:32 PM
1. What is the benefit of searching for new universes while we are struggling inside our own universe?
leyla eroДџlu	9:33 PM
Lee Wright	9:33 PM
We haven't even used the moon's resources yet.
Gerard Arbat	9:34 PM
Lee Wright	9:34 PM
We have lots of resources "out there".
Perhaps the multiverse will give
Alternate realities
leyla eroДџlu	9:36 PM
to meet the ailens :)
Lee Wright	9:39 PM
Time travel/inter-universe travel/alternate realities
me	9:40 PM
3. Does this multi universe ideology supports/denies God's existence?
Lee Wright	9:41 PM
Can we steal resources from a parallel Earth?
Gerard Arbat	9:41 PM
Lee Wright	9:41 PM
One God per universe?
is a measure of the disorder of the universe.
It is ALWAYS increasing.
This is why time cannot go backward.
leyla eroДџlu	9:42 PM
thanks Lee
Lee Wright	9:42 PM
And exploded things can be reversed and put back together.
me	9:43 PM
he gets tired creating universes
Gerard Arbat	9:43 PM
Lee Wright	9:44 PM
typo: exploding things can NOT be put back together
leyla eroДџlu	9:45 PM
Lee Wright	9:45 PM
God works in mysterious ways.
me	9:45 PM
5. Do you believe in Black Holes and Warm Holes theories?
Gerard Arbat	9:46 PM
worm holes
Lee Wright	9:46 PM
God is vain and needs worship?
leyla eroДџlu	9:47 PM
Lee Wright	9:47 PM
Humans to ants is like God to humans.
black holes are proven by science
but are almost inconceivable to me
Every galaxy is thought to have one or more black holes at the center.
Super-intensive gravity. Light cannot escape from it.
So it appears 100% black.
leyla eroДџlu	9:49 PM
Gerard Arbat	9:50 PM
Lee Wright	9:50 PM
Black holes crush everything.
A wormhole would be a tunnel.
me	9:52 PM
Lee Wright	9:52 PM
an "inter-dimension" when traveling at faster than the speed of light.
me	9:53 PM
light years
Lee Wright	9:53 PM
Movie "Passengers".
Colony ships
Gerard Arbat	9:53 PM
3.26 light years 1 parsec
Lee Wright	9:54 PM
an arc distance
round numbers
even multiples
me	9:55 PM
2. Do you think human would find humans in other universe? Will we ever be able to achieve that?
Lee Wright	9:56 PM
leyla eroДџlu	9:56 PM
Lee Wright	9:58 PM
Consider a scuba diver breathing underwater. Perhaps he is God. He is producing air bubbles that expand as they rise to the surface. These are multiple universes that may hit each other.
me	9:59 PM
4. What is your assumption? if two universe collide, what would happen? (Like Gravitational change, time change)
6. What would happen if we find parallel universe like in the movie Donnie Darko? Are you excited to see yourself in person?
Lee Wright	10:01 PM
Paradox -- can you see your other self in another universe?
In Matrix,
the food would taste better.
Gerard Arbat	10:05 PM
it's a movie about a maths formula that explains our existence
like the formula of God
leyla eroДџlu	10:06 PM
Tx Gerard

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