TED Talks: Mystery box



  • ubiquitous – can be found everywhere; very common in real life
  •  profound = deep; requiring deep thinking  to understand; far-reaching in effect or meaning
  • obsessed = completely consumed or fascinated by something
  • a pack rat = a person who keeps everything and never throws anything away, in case they might need it someday in the next 30 years…
  • ground-breaking = earth-shattering, ingenious, innovative and entrepreneurial; very enterprising in its nature or impact
  • catalyst = something that makes something else happen faster or respond faster (from chemistry analog)
  • a clip = a short segment of a video or audio file (sound clip, video clip) (to clip = to cut)
  • “Take two” = movie term for shooting a scene a second time before the first time had some problem that made it unacceptable
  • compelled = forced to do something against one’s will
  • paradigm = a mental model of how something works or functions
  • on the verge of  = on the edge or brink of; just about to…
  • with his tail between his legs = defeated, beaten , subdued (dog analog)
  • to rip off = to cheat someone; to steal something or someone’s idea and use it as your own.  (noun = a rip-off  = a copy, a counterfeit)
  • to go along for the ride = to accompany someone, not because you want to necessarily, but just because it’s easy and convenient
  • to skip = to bypass; to not do something in its proper sequence or to not do it at all
  • the elite = the rich, the privileged, the people in control
  • drowsy = sleepy, especially from the effects of a medicine



Lee Wright 9:08 PM
Abrams believes in maintaining the mystery element of some things.
There is an interactive script that highlights the speaker’s words as he is speaking them.
imbued him with a sense of mystery and exploration.
carpentry, chisels, axes
My grandparents just liked fishing. I did it when I was little but it never caught on with me.
He has time for you though.
Saying: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”
broader perspective on life
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me 9:17 PM
SchrГ¶dinger’s cat

Lee Wright 9:17 PM
Mankind’s driving force is to solve the mysteries of life and of the universe. We are driven by the desire to know what’s “inside the box”.

Diana Yarmolinska 9:18 PM

Lee Wright 9:19 PM
Mental puzzle
Logic paradox

me 9:20 PM
SchrГ¶dinger’s cat is a thought experiment, sometimes described as a paradox, devised by Austrian physicist Erwin SchrГ¶dinger in 1935.

Lee Wright 9:20 PM
Pauli’s Uncertainty Principle

Gerard Arbat 9:21 PM

Lee Wright 9:21 PM
Not Pauli, then. Heisenberg.
Pauli’s Exclusion Principle then.
The Butterfly Effect
Everything is interconnected.
The Ripple Effect

me 9:26 PM
If you put yourself in his shoes, would you open that mystery box?

Lee Wright 9:27 PM
I would have opened the box, as a matter of respect as well.

Gerard Arbat 9:29 PM

Lee Wright 9:29 PM
TV series “Lost”
Delayed opening is okay.
And pretend to like it…
one shoelace
Need two to be useful
It teaches you to learn tact.

Diana Yarmolinska 9:32 PM

Lee Wright 9:33 PM
It adds an element of unexpectedness.
sweater (swetter)(rhymes with better)
In the USA, we can sometimes buy a “grab bag” or a “surprise package”. It is bought at a cheap prize but is guaranteed to have 5 times the “value” of what you pay for it. Usually it contains useless junk that may be of value to someone but probably not to you.
open a present in public
open later

me 9:39 PM
Diana you sound got broken again
Why do you think mystery attracts people?

Lee Wright 9:40 PM
People hope to find something of value, to get something for nothing.
To know happiness, you must know sadness first.
Surprise = unexpected event
mystery = unexplainable event
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Lee Wright 9:44 PM
A surprise is instantaneous
mystery is suspense

Gerard Arbat 9:44 PM

Diana Yarmolinska 9:45 PM
The Jaws

Lee Wright 9:45 PM
it loses its “mystery”
once you know how to do it

me 9:46 PM
He said, “Sometimes mystery is more important than knowledge”. Do you agree?

Lee Wright 9:47 PM
Mystery drives us to question, to seek knowledge we don’t have yet.
Having knowledge doesn’t drive you to seek more necessarily.
YOU thuh NAZH uh
a feeling of what is going to happen
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Lee Wright 9:52 PM
a sense of “accomplishment” is necessary for the human spirit perhaps
confirm or deny
mystery requires research
bailiwick (your back yard)
your area of expertise)

me 9:56 PM
He mentioned he was inspired by technology and Steve Jobs made a reference to his “LOST” poster while he was representing his technology. Do you know such real-life examples?

Lee Wright 9:56 PM
Science works like this.
Saying: “We stand on the shoulders of giants.”
Jules Verne
famous science-fiction writer
10,000 leagues under the sea
10,000 fathoms under the sea

me 9:59 PM
If rule number two is don’t hurt Tom’s nose what is the rule number one then?

Lee Wright 9:59 PM
Rule #1: Make money.
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Lee Wright 10:01 PM
Good discussion!



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