TED Talks: Renewables


Ivan Korjavin
TED Talks: Renewables
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me 6:57 PM

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watched (watch /t/)
I think it was a steam explosion.
Not a “nuclear” explosion.
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Three Mile Island

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We want our own nuclear disaster!
Renewable Energy
Good or bad?
Nuclear Power – Savior or Devil?
Three-Mile Island

Gerard Arbat 7:03 PM
40 years

Vasanth Prabakar 7:04 PM
The first impression is the best impression!

Lee Wright 7:08 PM
Chernobyl is a different design from TMI-2.
Chernobyl had no effect on USA.
We study the worst weather for the past 100 years in an area where we build a plant and DESIGN against it.
Spain has at least one nuclear plant.
Japan has many accidents but keep them secret.
China MUST have had nuclear accidents, but apparently keep them VERY secret.
Radioactive waste can be compacted and controlled

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but people are over-terrified about this aspect.
Luckily, the ocean can dilute the radioactivity.
Build power plants
Recycle waste

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Oil fumes kill people
Sun/wind nears lots of land, kills animal habitats
First responders
Sarcophagus (sar CAHF uh gus)
Concrete block over the plant
gist (jist)
Speaker believed in renewable energy.
Solar farms need space but kill animal habitats.
Wind mills kill birds and bats
and need lots of land
Solar panels will become waste.
Carbon dioxide.
Propaganda, advertising
friends’ opinions

Gerard Arbat 7:19 PM
sun and wind look clean

Lee Wright 7:19 PM
Marie was probably Marie Curie.
He looked at the facts objectively
and decided that nuclear power is actually the BETTER choice but we eshew (avoid) it psychologically.

Vasanth Prabakar 7:20 PM

Lee Wright 7:21 PM
Nuclear power doesn’t advertise much. I don’t understand WHY.
Nuclear power is complex and hard for people to understand.
Physicist (FIZZ uh sist)

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Lee Wright 7:23 PM
Nuclear power is viewed favorably in Russia.
Not in Spain
Not in Germany
Not in Japan
isotopes (ICE uh TOPES)
different weight
< 1% in nature Vasanth Prabakar 7:24 PM Don't they want those countries to become rich? Lee Wright 7:24 PM Must enrich it to 3 to 5% for a power plant Vasanth Prabakar 7:24 PM Can't they invade? Lee Wright 7:24 PM Must enrich to 50% for bombs Nuclear submarines use 95% enrichment to keep the reactors small. Not expensive like gold or platinum Vasanth Prabakar 7:27 PM t Gerard Arbat 7:28 PM t Lee Wright 7:28 PM Uranium is very dense/heavy, like lead. So it is good to make bullets from, like lead. So "spent uranium" (radioactive) is used to make armor-piercing bullets to shoot tanks. Vasanth Prabakar 7:29 PM t Lee Wright 7:29 PM Nuclear plants have HIGH security. Fences, barbed wire X-ray machines metal detectors cameras infrared motion detectors empty areas between two tall fences, both with barbed wire Hand biometrics me 7:33 PM drug footprint Lee Wright 7:35 PM Radiation is undetectable and invisible. Can kill quietly We pass through radiation detectors when leaving the plant as well. Vasanth Prabakar 7:35 PM c Lee Wright 7:35 PM Russia was the FIRST country to use polonium to secretly kill someone. Russia didn't tell other countries about Chernobyl for days! We all knew something was abnormal but USSR kept saying "No problem". Japanese culture at the time of Fukushima was to HIDE flaws to "save face" Ukraine, Belarusa Russia Disasters make heroes. People must volunteer to do suicide missions. Use old, single people. Old people are less damaged by radiation that younger people Younger people think they are inviincible. We drafted 18-year-olds to fight in the war. easy to indoctrinate glory!!!! "Blaze of Glory" song WW II Bold pilots die young Old pilots were cautious. Should we use solar at all? On a large scale, no. On a smaller scale, yes. Vasanth Prabakar 7:49 PM t Lee Wright 7:50 PM Watches, calculator, traffic lights, have solar-powered backup sometimes. Contingency source of energy. me 7:50 PM hedge the risk Lee Wright 7:50 PM Spacecraft can use solar-power for an infinitely long period of time if they are close to a star. Diversity in England Diversity in energy hedging your bets Vasanth Prabakar 7:52 PM q Lee Wright 7:52 PM oil, gasoline, LP gas, solar, wind, nuclear, chemical ocean waves Vasanth Prabakar 7:53 PM c Lee Wright 7:53 PM hydroelectric power seawater is corrosive sea levels go up and down waves go in and out Vasanth Prabakar 7:54 PM turbine? Lee Wright 7:54 PM geothermal (steam from underground heat) reservoir Hot springs hotels Gerard Arbat 7:55 PM t Lee Wright 7:55 PM solar water heaters for hot water Run your car on water alone! (scam) not cost-effective not feasible Gerard Arbat left group chat. Vasanth Prabakar left group chat. Lee Wright 7:58 PM Good discussion. Lee Wright left group chat. Enter chat message or link here Lee Wright has left the video call.

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