Ted talks: Where is home?

Lee Wright	10:19 PM

me	10:19 PM

Lee Wright	10:19 PM

me	10:21 PM
floating tribe
digital nomad

Lee Wright	10:22 PM
traveling gypsies
traveling expatriates

me	10:23 PM
jet lag

Lee Wright	10:24 PM
tranquility of staying in one place
Saying: Home is where the heart is.

Gerard Arbat	10:25 PM

Lee Wright	10:26 PM
Where are you from? Where were you born?
Matta Black joined group chat.

Lee Wright	10:28 PM
I was born in Alabama but I consider Florida my home.

Matta Black	10:28 PM
Ivan, Gerard, Faical.. long time пїј
Hi Leyla and Lee~

Gerard Arbat	10:28 PM
Long time no see you BM

Matta Black	10:28 PM
Yeah, yeah

Lee Wright	10:28 PM
Where did you come from?

me	10:28 PM
I am russian but I came from Israel

Matta Black	10:29 PM

Lee Wright	10:29 PM
I just came from the grocery store.
Where did YOU come from?
Oh, I just came from the bank.

Matta Black	10:29 PM
I discovered that my mic was so noisy and my English was silly, just like me... so no .. I won't talk again.
Thank you for the invitation.

Lee Wright	10:30 PM
small talk, conversation
values, culture

Matta Black	10:32 PM
You mean patriotism, Leyla

Lee Wright	10:34 PM
Cultural differences
Home is where you want to go back to.
Home is where you are homesick to return to.

me	10:36 PM
1. Speaker mentioned that there are many people in the world who are pretty international nowadays. Do you see the same, or opposite?

Gerard Arbat	10:36 PM

Lee Wright	10:36 PM
A man "with no country".
home travels with it
Mixed races
world citizens
In US, child takes citizenship of the parents.
If born in USA, then can take US citizenship.

Matta Black	10:40 PM
Ivan, are you serious about your roots, from Israel?

me	10:40 PM
nope, it was an example

Matta Black	10:40 PM
Ok, even if

Lee Wright	10:41 PM
visit Morocco occasionally
Morroco is their home
even though they work abroad.

Matta Black	10:43 PM
Jews used to live in Egypt, too

Lee Wright	10:43 PM
no home
Soliders' families are somewhat international families. They move from duty station to duty station.

Gerard Arbat	10:44 PM
Jews were better accepted in Muslim countries rather than in Christian ones

me	10:45 PM
2. Would you like to be part of that floating tribe?

Matta Black	10:45 PM
You mean that they were welcomed to Arab countries while they were fired from Europe.
And then they took our land.. haha

Gerard Arbat	10:45 PM

Matta Black	10:45 PM
Blame Hitler!

me	10:45 PM
2. Would you like to be part of that floating tribe?

Lee Wright	10:45 PM
"The Evil Empire"
Gerard Arbat left group chat.

Lee Wright	10:50 PM
I cannot teach kids.
Teaching kids is emotionally satisfying to Leyla.
If I teach adults and they are able to do their jobs better, then I get "job satisfaction".

Matta Black	10:51 PM
You don't want a fixed plan, Ivan

me	10:52 PM
committed suicide

Matta Black	10:54 PM
Bye for now

me	10:54 PM
bye BM

Lee Wright	10:54 PM
must be more tactful when teaching adults
Matta Black left group chat.

me	10:54 PM

Lee Wright	10:54 PM

me	10:55 PM
too male

Lee Wright	10:56 PM
ache to get back = homesick
heartache = broken heart
"It's a Heartache" song
enmity = hostility
hemmed and hawed = laughed at sometime in derision
to hanker = to long for



slaps you awake
ache to go back
hemmed and hawed
hymnals and crosses
golden pampas grass
saltshakers of stars

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