The 1980 Olympic Games

I love to write. My choice for writing is unusual, however. I mostly like writing articles and reviews. I don’t hope to be published in journals and magazines. No. My writing is not so much distinguished. So, I do this mostly for my pleasure to develop my writing skills. Perhaps, in the future I will pass the Cambridge Advanced Exam or Cambridge Proficiency Exam and will become an English teacher. Perhaps, I will explain to students of the intermediate level how to write. I’m not certain about my plans yet. I just like writing and continue practicing.  😀 

A magazine is running a competition for the best article entitled “I was There.” Those entering have to write an article describing an historical event as if they had been present at it. Write an article for this competition, describing the event you have chosen and what your impressions would have been if you had witnessed it.

I was there when I was a 6-year-old girl, and the 1980 Olympic Games left a lasting impression on me. In this article, I will describe my experience placing myself in the last day of this distant event as I would have been an adult. In addition, I will tell the circumstances that made that day special for me.

The prerequisites of the 1980 Olympic Games were rather unusual. Moscow prepared for it thoroughly, sending as many citizens as possible to recreation centers, health resorts, and business trips in order to avoid crowds. Moreover, people of antisocial behavior like beggars, prostitutes, former criminals as well as people suffering from psychiatric diseases were deported to the towns located at the distance of 100 kilometers away from the capital of the USSR.

So, let us imagine the closing ceremony of the 1980 Olympic Games. I am sitting in the sports arena “Lujniki”, surrounded by foreign guests, those who have decided to come despite the boycott of these Olympic Games by 50 countries. The latter are protesting against the USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan. The athletes with their national flags and the flags of the Olympic Games are waving their hands, smiling. Dancers wearing beautiful garments are acting out a breathtaking performance while popular Soviet songs are playing. All of a sudden, the symbol of the 1980 Olympic Games namely the 8-meter high Brown Bear wearing the belt of the Olympic rings appears. At an opposite side of the tribune I am seeing a picture of the same Bear created on the shields. Both Bears are waving to us. The Bear in the field is flying away bore by colorful balloons, whereas the Bear on the shields is crying. So, the viewers are tearful, too.

To say that I am impressed is to say the least. The scene is so touching that I have a lump in my throat. I am proud of being a citizen of a country where people can organize an event on such a grandiose scale. I am proud of being a witness of the Olympic Games that is the first one in Eastern Europe and the first one in a socialistic country. Finally, I am happy at not having to watch this historical event on TV, but to be here, “in the whirpool”.

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  1. Aha! That’s a heartwarming incident which reminds me of the 2011 Cricket world cup final match. I was not in the stadium but traveling by train with bunch of unknown people. I still remember when I heard the crackers/fireworks sound I knew my country had won the title after 28 years. I started to wake everyone (It was almost 11 PM) and informed them that we won the worldcup title. Nobody yelled at me for waking them up. They smiled and shared wishes instead. Because Cricket is a religion like football in Brazil.
    Thanks for sharing.

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