TED Talks: The attitudes that sparked Arab Spring


me 9:13 PM
1. I hope your country got freedom at some point in the history. Do you still feel the liberty?

Vasanth Prabakar 9:28 PM

me 9:32 PM
2. Do you keep track/watch your Parliament activities?
Lee Wright joined group chat.

me 9:37 PM
2. Do you keep track/watch your Parliament activities?

Lee Wright 9:38 PM
municipal (city) government
mayor and city council
town meetings
Public comments are invited

me 9:39 PM
3. What is the status of gender equality in your country? Does it happen in every field/profession?

Gerard Arbat 9:39 PM

Lee Wright 9:40 PM
America is somewhat equal in gender equality but in some fields and at high levels, women are still at a disadvantage.
Salaries are lower for women.
The IT field is anti-female, it seems.
And perhaps Google.
In the USA
Silicon Valley
Is it women’s interest or discrimination?

Vasanth Prabakar 9:43 PM
crime against women in IT field is increasing.

Lee Wright 9:44 PM
preconceptions of gender roles
Historical trends.
It is changing…
As women become more visible in different fields, it should improve.
Star Trek TV series cast a black women in an intelligent role, and people were amazed.
Mad Men
Fetch coffee
Get out

me 9:50 PM
How much interest does your country’s youth have on Politics & bringing the change

Lee Wright 9:51 PM
My son (33 years old) keeps up with politics and news.
Younger people, I don’t know, because I don’t interface with any of them.
My feeling is that millenials don’t care.
Today, drawing attention to yourself can draw abuse, shaming, condemnation.
They party, play games, do social media.

Gerard Arbat 9:52 PM

Lee Wright 9:53 PM
meaningless activities
Snapchat, Instagram
Adults and kids operate on different ”
planes of existence”
Adult concerns are different than young people’s concerns.

me 9:55 PM
5. What drives men support for women’s rights

Lee Wright 9:55 PM
Chivalry or fairness

Gerard Arbat 9:55 PM

Lee Wright 9:57 PM
More competent women help the economy and education system, all elements of society.

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