“The Fall of Edward Barnard” by Somerset Maugham

Somerset Maugham (1874 – 1965), a British playwright and novelist, was one of the most well-known writers of his era and one of the highest-paid authors of his time.

  • vHe lost his parents very early and was brought up by his uncle.
  • The success of his first novel, Liza of Lambeth (1897), persuaded him to quit medicine for writing.
  • He is most famous for four novels, Of Human Bondage (1915), The Moon and Sixpence (1919), Cakes and Ale (1930), and The Razor’s Edge (1944).
  • His plays were popular in their day and at one time four of them ran simultaneously in London.
  • His short stories are considered among the best in English.
  • There have been 36 films adapted from his novels since 1917.

The story we are going to discuss is called  “The Fall of Edward Barnard”.
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  1. vocabulary list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fYb9mtoA3be1zxPmvde33yTmVBssfgv4dPljGv1pIu4/edit

    zoom chat:
    19:01:59 From Teacher Lee : I have no sound. Bear with me.
    19:04:13 From Teacher Lee : (Okay. My sound problems are fixed.)
    19:06:15 From Diana Yarmolinska : The Moon and Sixpense
    19:06:29 From Teacher Lee : six pence
    19:06:36 From Teacher Lee : Britsh money
    19:09:00 From Teacher Lee : stutter
    19:10:57 From Teacher Lee : Tahiti (tuh HEET ee)
    19:11:16 From Teacher Lee : same social level
    19:11:57 From Teacher Lee : Bank failure
    19:11:59 From Vasanth : depression
    19:13:29 From Ivan Korjavin : downshifting
    19:13:31 From Teacher Lee : What Ivan calls a “downshifter”.
    19:15:00 From Teacher Lee : Remote romances tend to fade.
    19:16:00 From Vasanth : t
    19:16:35 From Teacher Lee : Monthly letters
    19:17:59 From Teacher Lee : “High society”
    19:18:11 From Teacher Lee : aristocrats
    19:20:47 From Teacher Lee : King Louis XV furniture
    19:21:28 From Teacher Lee : childhood friends
    19:21:59 From Teacher Lee : Bateman was never jealous of Edward and Isabel being in love.
    19:24:07 From Teacher Lee : Bateman was a true gentlemen in the British sense.
    19:24:57 From Teacher Lee : today = instant gratification
    19:25:08 From Teacher Lee : more patience back then
    19:26:24 From Teacher Lee : After 9:00 pm, the phone rates were cheaper.
    19:28:32 From Teacher Lee : The Tsar’s IT man
    19:29:06 From Teacher Lee : ostracized
    19:29:15 From Teacher Lee : “exiled from society”
    19:30:02 From Teacher Lee : He did one bad thing.
    19:31:37 From Teacher Lee : Arnold was the black sheep of the family.
    19:31:47 From Diana Yarmolinska : A wealthy banker, prominent in his church, a philanthropist, a man respected by all, not only for his connections (in his veins ran the blue blood of Chicago), but also for his upright character, he was arrested one day on a charge of fraud; and the dishonesty which the trial brought to light was not of the sort which could be explained by a sudden temptation; it was deliberate and systematic. Arnold Jackson was a rogue. When he was sent to the penitentiary for seven years there were few who did not think he had escaped lightly.

    19:33:43 From Teacher Lee : He corrupted Edward.
    19:34:35 From Teacher Lee : Is Arnold Jackson a bad man who does good things or a good man who does bad things?

  2. 19:38:13 From Teacher Lee : Facepainting…
    19:38:55 From Vasanth : t
    19:39:25 From Teacher Lee : conducive environment
    19:39:29 From Teacher Lee : add insult to injury
    19:39:37 From Teacher Lee : throw salt in the would
    19:39:41 From Teacher Lee : wound…
    19:40:10 From Teacher Lee : give you a “hand up” when you are down…
    19:44:27 From neuromantic : t
    19:44:39 From Teacher Lee : Is Arnold Jackson a bad man who does good things or a good man who does bad things?
    19:45:30 From Diana Yarmolinska : “The result is that you lose the distinction between right and wrong.”
    “No, they remain just as clearly divided in my mind as before, but what has become a little confused in me is the distinction between the bad man and the good one. Is Arnold Jackson a bad man who does good things or a good man who does bad things? It’s a difficult question to answer. Perhaps we make too much of the difference between one man and another. Perhaps even the best of us are sinners and the worst of us are saints. Who knows?”

    19:46:59 From Teacher Lee : Catholic priests
    19:48:36 From Teacher Lee : Einstein – demon or saint
    19:48:39 From Vasanth : t
    19:50:00 From Teacher Lee : A blot on your reputation.
    19:50:01 From neuromantic : t
    19:50:43 From neuromantic : Manichean
    19:50:56 From Teacher Lee : Never heard of that word.
    19:51:13 From Teacher Lee : We just say “black or white” or shades of grey
    19:53:14 From Teacher Lee : All work and no fun makes Jack a dull boy.
    19:53:25 From Teacher Lee : All work and no play….
    19:53:38 From Teacher Lee : fYes.
    19:54:31 From Teacher Lee : He discarded his genius ideas so as not to spoil his “paradise”.
    19:57:07 From Teacher Lee : White Knights by Doestevsky?
    19:57:16 From Vasanth : night
    19:57:24 From Teacher Lee : White Nights…
    19:57:34 From Teacher Lee : Song: Nights in White Satin…
    19:58:10 From Teacher Lee : foreigners (FOR rin ers)
    19:58:29 From Teacher Lee : communism (COM you NIZM)
    19:59:33 From neuromantic : t
    19:59:49 From Diana Yarmolinska : maybe socialism
    19:59:51 From Teacher Lee : literature (LIT er uh chur/ LIT truh chur)
    20:00:13 From Teacher Lee : Anna Karenina
    20:00:33 From Teacher Lee : I don’t know this story.
    20:00:49 From neuromantic : adultery
    20:02:07 From Teacher Lee : Sounds like “The Scarlet Letter”
    20:02:36 From Teacher Lee : Multi-layered plot
    20:02:51 From Teacher Lee : Multiple levels of understanding
    20:03:10 From Teacher Lee : he watched her guide the conversation into the channels of an urbane small-talk, and it occurred to him that in just such a manner would a marquise under the shadow of the guillotine toy with the affairs of a day that would know no morrow.
    20:03:44 From Vasanth : t
    20:04:11 From Diana Yarmolinska : as far as I am concerned
    20:04:11 From Teacher Lee : As far as I’m concerned,
    20:04:22 From Teacher Lee : As far as I know,
    20:06:05 From Teacher Lee : But I earn enough to keep body and soul together
    20:06:23 From Diana Yarmolinska : to make ends meet
    20:06:34 From neuromantic : I have to leave.bye.
    20:07:14 From Teacher Lee : Next Friday is Bozhena’s birthday. Shift to Thursday?
    20:07:30 From Teacher Lee : June 2 – Friday

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