The happiness

With my family I live for a while in a new place, in a new country as well.
Everything is different, and there are so many things to notice.
So does my older son. He has thousand questions every minute and I can’t answer many of them.

Near to our house there is a small shop or workshop of a shoemaker.
I never saw that in Russia. We have a few places where you can repair your shoes, but definitely there are no more artisan shoes, everything is manufactured.

We visited that workshop once, twice, just to look around, and then my boy asked for a belt, real “man’s” belt made from the leather, black and strict.

I didn’t pay enough attention to that, belt as belt who cares, what is interesting in it?
But then I found that my boy spoke with me about belts too much in a few next days. What kind of belts men wear, why belts are mandatory for soldiers, why they are made of different material, and have different colors, and many many others.

And I realized  that he never had one yet.

Well, there is no choice I thought. We made a deal.
He learned enough vocabulary to buy this belt, and I gave him money for that.

So, next day he want to this workshop, and said something like that:

Hola, señor, como estas? 
Quiero un cinturon de piel. Tengo seis euros. 
Cuanto cuesta eso? y eso? Puede darme eso.

I was proud of him, I stayed and listened to that in the distance, without ability to help him.

But what happened next was interesting for me as well.
After my boy chose the model of the model, master didn’t give him this one, but made another of the same type.
He measured my boy, and using some work-piece made the new one in no time.
Tailored to my boy, the individual one.

That was pretty unusual, we usually buy ready things.

And after he has got this belt, my boy became so happy that I started to think about that for a while.
Looking at his smiley and happy face, listening to him about all those comparisons of belts, I am thinking is there any simple thing that can makes as happy as he is.

And I can’t find an easy answer. It seems for me that I have to buy a new house, or an yacht to be so happy, not less.

Of course he wears this belt always now, even during swimming and sleeping.
Even under the t-shirt and shorts. And I definitely can do nothing with that.


  1. The Belt.. this is another title for your post. It’s like a short story that really says something. By the way, you can’t say “The happiness”, just “Happiness” without any article.

    I wonder why there is no photo for this happy guy, where is he? I want to see his unique belt.

    Almost every man here must wear a belt, it’s really better for their look. Haha. I like how you taught him how to get what he wanted by learning some new words and you refused to help, you were just watching. You’re such a good father, Ivan!

    Simple things can be a reason of happiness, it’s not always about expensive things. When I saw the photo above, I thought that the blog would be about this shoemaker, but you surprised me!


  2. I was about to say the same things, Jean. Sometimes, we are happy just because we got what we want or made a small accomplishment. Some people say the true path to happiness is not to want anything, but teacher Diana said that it would also suggest depression.

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