The Tennis Weeks in Båstad

The Tennis Weeks in Båstad

Here are two pictures from Båstad in Sweden. Every year they arrange a tennis tournament in July. It’s commonly known as “the week of Tennis”, but, since the women’s tournament in recent years has been able to attract some higher ranked players, and more spectators than before, people now are talking about “the weeks of Tennis”. In the picture below you can see flags from different countries. In the middle there are a Spanish flag and a Russian flag. These represent the players on the center court, playing a match against each other. Behind the grandstand you can see a glimpse of the sea. You can watch people water skiing and jet skiing if you have a seat in, some of the upper rows. (Like where I sat when I took this picture)


Downhill skiing in the middle of the summer? Yes!

Have you ever heard of Ingemar Stenmark? He’s one of Sweden’s greatest  sportsmen of all time. He was here just  before I got here and performed together with some other famous sportsmen. I just missed it. Darn!

In Båstad in the summer, there’s a lot of luxury cars: Sports cars, limousines, hummers and others. There are also luxury boats, like yachts, etc.

I also saw a “beach boogie” car for hiring. Every year, there’s a party with lots of invited celebrities. I can assure you that a bottle of champagne here isn’t cheap…


As you can see in this picture, parts of the village are located on a ridge. (The trains that bring you here pass through its tunnels)



In this picture you can see a yacht. There are two kinds of them, sailing boats and power boats. This one (I think) is a sailing vessel. It’s for recreational purposes. These boats were originally used by the Dutch navy to pursue pirates and other transgressors.



This is the stadium “square”. Here you can, for example, get yourself a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun. Some may have a cold “Brooklyn beer”. Here are also some small shops. In the background you can see the poles looming in the marina.


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