Top Ten Most Intelligent Animals [vocabulary practice]


I enjoy watching documentaries about animals and nature, that’s why when I came across this wonderful video I couldn’t remain indifferent.

You are going to watch the video about the most intelligent animals on our planet.

Can you guess which animal is number 1 in this list?

Do you agree with this Top 10?

Here is the list of words and phrases which I found interesting (of course, you are welcome to create and share your own list)

  • Be known to possess smartness and intelligence;
  • May remind us of smth.;
  • be no/a stranger to something;
  • a pest;
  • to perform high on a mammal IQ test;
  • K9 (canine) rocket scientists;
  • Sheep herding skills;
  • Unstoppable stamina;
  • To mimic human speech;
  • skills of deduction and elimination;
  • to adjust to certain conditions;
  • a snout
  • resourceful;
  • adapt very well to changing situations
  • crafty
  • arguably
  • assembling the two halves of the coconut into a shelter
  • living raft
  • the surface tension of the water
  • the deadly brilliance of the pack
  • to emit a sound.

Are you ready to test your memory?

Go, humans!

I was really surprised by the fact that rats show social intelligence. And what was the most surprising for you?
I am looking forward to your replies.


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