Tour Boat Ride

Role Dialog
Narrator The Smith family are going to take a tour boat ride in Boston’s Inner Harbor.  They have just parked in the parking lot and exited their car.  They are all dressed in cool, light-colored clothing, for it is a very hot day.
Dad (looking around)  Okay, it looks like we need to head over to the pier entrance to buy tickets.  Let’s head out.
Mom We picked a good day.  Look at that clear sky and golden sun.   We couldn’t have asked for better weather!
Bobby And thank Heavens there’s a nice cool breeze blowing.  It takes away all the mugginess of the pervasive humidity.
Fay Speak for yourself.  It’s blowing my hair all around.  I’ll have to put on a hair bow to keep my hair out of my eyes.
Dad Can you two quit squabbling for just a few minutes?
Bobby Why would we want to do that, Dad?  I love making life miserable for my dear younger sister.
Narrator Fay looks at Bobby and sticks her tongue out at him.
Mom Bobby, here’s two twenties.  Run over and buy us some tickets, please, before that group of tourists over there beats us to the ticket counter and causes us a long wait.  We’ll be waiting for you over by the boat’s gangway.
Bobby Will do.  (Bobby runs off to buy tickets.)
Dad Good callI’d rather spend 20 minutes sitting on the boat in the shade than standing in line at the ticket counter in the hot sun waiting to buy tickets.
Fay Wow!  Look at that deep blue water.  I wonder how deep it is.
Dad There’s no telling.  Just don’t fall in, okay?
Fay Daaaaad.  I’m not a clueless little girl anymore!
Narrator They arrive at the boat’s gangway and wait.  After a few minutes, Bobby arrives with their tickets, and they cross the gangway, handing their tickets to the ticket-taker stationed on the boat at the end of the gangway.
Dad Okay, let’s find some good seats near the rail so we can get a good view off the side of the boat.
Narrator Twenty minutes later, the group of tourists come on board and find seats.  A tour guide steps up to a microphone near a small podium.
Guide Welcome aboard, everyone!  For safety’s sake, we ask that everyone put on a life jacket from that bin over there.  We’ll be getting underway shortly.  (later)  Would everyone please be seated!  We’re ready to pull away from the pier.
Narrator The pilot guns the engines and the boats glides away from the pier and heads out into the harbor.  The boat looks like a pirate ship from the old days.  It has a tall mast with sails, but the sails are mostly for looks because the boat has two outboard motors that propel it around the harbor.  As the tour proceeds, the tour guide points out various points of interest, explaining some facts and history about them as appropriate.  After about an hour, the tour wraps up and the boat begins heading back towards the pier.
Dad That was a nice, relaxing harbor tour.  I got some nice pictures.  Bobby, why don’t you and Fay ask the Captain if you two can climb up to the crow’s nest for a look around before we dock.
Bobby Could we?  Wow, that would be cool!  Come on, sis’
Narrator After getting permission, they climb up to the crow’s nest and enjoy a fantastic 360º panoramic view of the harbor from 50 feet in the air.  Then they return to their parents.
Mom How was the view?  Did you take some pictures?
Fay Oh, yeah!  It was really cool!  It made me want to live back in the days of iron men and wooden ships!



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