Travel Agency Booking


Role Dialog
Narrator  Lucy has been stressed out at work lately and wants to get away from it all.  She has just entered a travel agency to book a two-week vacation for herself and her husband Todd.
Agent  Good morning.  Please have a seat.  What can I do for you?
Lucy Thanks.  (sits down)  I’d like to book a vacation next month.  I’d like a far-away destination, somewhere exotic.
Agent Okay, let me get you a few travel brochures to see if any of them suit your fancy(leaves and comes back with a handful of brochures)  Browse through these and tell me what you think.

Lucy Madagascar?  Too expensive.  An island off the coast of Thailand?  I don’t like Thai food — too spicy.  Seychelles?  Hm, this one sounds interesting.
Agent Seychelles?  Yes, they’re an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean northeast of Madagascar, but only about 16 of the islands have hotels on them.  We have an excellent “all-in” holiday package that will give you the holiday of a lifetime.
Lucy What’s an all-in package?
Agent That means that everything is included in the package price—flight, hotel, meals, drinks, everything. 
Lucy My interest is piqued.  Tell me more.
Agent You’ll fly into Madagascar, a large island off the east coast of Africa, and then take a small charter flight from there to Seychelles.  You’ll stay in a holiday resort with a breath-taking view of the ocean and lush mountains.  The resort will provide all your food and beverages.
Lucy Sounds intriguing.  Tell me more.
Agent In the departure airport, you will have privileges to use the airline’s VIP lounge.  We’ll give you a voucher for the lounge when you buy the package.  You’ll be going out of season so there won’t be hordes of tourists pushing and shoving.  The landscape is stunning.  Places of interest include a picturesque village where you can buy local crafts.  You can go sightseeing around the islands in a rented jeep so you can travel around at your own pace.  The island also offers a wildlife safari tour where you can ride in a tour bus through open fields with wild animals roaming around.  I should warn you that there are some tourist traps on the islands that are less than reputable, so be careful.
Lucy Okay, thanks.  Am I guaranteed to have an ocean view?
Agent Yes, once we reserve it, it’s guaranteed — no last-minute changes.  We want you to have a hassle-free vacation.
Lucy This all-in package sounds like just what the doctor ordered.  I’ll take it.
Agent How many people will there be in your party?
Lucy Just my husband Todd and I.  We’re leaving the kids with the in-laws.
Agent Okay, will you be paying by cash or credit card?
Lucy Do you take checks?
Agent Yes, we do.
Lucy Okay, I’ll pay by check then. (writes a check and hands it to the travel agent) 
Here you go.
Agent Okay, give me a few minutes to enter all this into the computer and lock in your reservations.  (a few minutes pass)  Okay, here are your tickets and vouchers… (hands a packet of papers to Lucy)  Please remember to make sure your passports are up to date.
Lucy No problem.  We renewed them just a few months ago.  Okay, thanks.  Bye.
Agent Bye.
Narrator Later in Seychelles, Lucy and Todd are relaxing on vacation on one of the main islands at the Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove Resort.  They are sitting in an ocean-front restaurant overlooking a small bay.
Todd Wow, just look at that beautiful view!  This vacation is worth every penny.
Lucy Yep.  This Mai Tai cocktail is heaven (sips her drink).  We’ll have to do some snorkeling and diving while we’re here.
Todd Tomorrow we can take a helicopter jaunt to some of the surrounding islands and lounge on their pristine beaches for a few hours.  It’ll be refreshing being on a quiet beach without hordes of tourists trashing up the area for a change.
Lucy Agreed.  Quiet and solitude is what I came on this vacation for.  So far, it’s not disappointing me.
Todd Let’s head back to our room.
Narrator Later in their hotel room…
Lucy Look at that view.  I could get used to this kind of luxury living.
Todd Couldn’t we all?  I have a headache.  I’ve taken some aspirin.  Let me lie down a few minutes and see if my headache goes away.
Lucy Okay, I’m going to walk along the beach for a few minutes.  I’ll be back in a little while.
Narrator Lucy is walking along the beach…
Lucy Wow, look at that white sand and those lovely palm trees and that crystal clear, blue water.  It’s breath-taking.  I wish this vacation would never end.
Narrator Later that night, Lucy gets a deluxe aroma-therapy massage treatment in the hotel’s massage parlor facility.
Lucy This is the life.  Such a fragrant, tranquil, solitary, stress-free environment.  It’s like a little slice of Heaven on Earth.  If only this moment could last forever.
Narrator Two weeks pass by and Lucy and Todd have just checked out of the resort.
Lucy Well, vacation’s over.  Back to the salt mines.
Todd Yep.  Time to put our noses to the grindstone again.


  1. Wow!!! I don’t know why the recent posts are filled with spectacular photos! laughing
    It feels like I was in Seychelles for a while!!!
    By the way, I have one doubt. Is that a palm tree? Isn’t that supposed to be called as coconut tree?
    How do you call this one?

    It’s the fruit

    1. I’ve been going back through my posts and enhancing them with pictures.
      Yes, it’s a coconut tree. I tend to call all tropical trees “palm trees”. I’m probably being too general here.

      From a distance, I would just call your tall trees “palm trees” based on the tall skinny trunk and the leaves. The hard shells in your pictures look like coconuts but the gelatinous insides look more like lychee nuts. I don’t know what kind of trees those are.

      Don’t forget. You have questions (lack of information), not doubts (lack of belief).

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