USA Vanity Plates – What Can You Say in Seven Letters?

Forget Twitter. What can you tell me in 7 or less characters (letters or numbers)?

In the USA, by law every car must have a license plate (aka car tag) with a unique combination of numbers and or letters (aka tag number or license plate number). Most of these tag numbers are randomly generated and have no meaning. However, in America we love individual freedom of expression! So for an extra fee, you can choose your own license plate background picture and tag number. These personalized license plates are called vanity plates because they appeal to your vanity. Most license plates are limited to seven characters maximum.

At my age, driving on the roads is very boring, so I find it immensely entertaining to read other peoples vanity plates to see what they can say in seven characters. I thought you might find my World of Vanity Plates fascinating. I know I do. Here are some vanity plates I have seen in Omaha, Nebraska, along with what I think they mean.

  1. 4Z DOGS (For the dogs. Aww.)
  3. GR8 KIDZ (Great kids. Family has two or more kids and is proud of it.)
  4. BE YRSLF (Be yourself. Don’t follow the crowd.)
  5. IDONALS (I do nails. Probably works in a nail salon.)
  6. LITTR BX (Litter box. Probably owns a cat; cat lover. I hate cats.)
  7. CURE ALS (Cure Alzheimer’s disease.)
  8. QC SILVR (Quicksilver; another name for the metal mercury; means fast.)
  9. SPRKTCS (Sprockets? Works in a gear factory? Watchmaker?)
  10. MDOGG (Mad dog. Rabid or crazy dog? I’d better stay clear of this guy.)
  11. D3FIANT (Defiant. Probably just old and stubborn.)
  12. STY CLSY (Stay classy.)
  13. ITLB FUN (It’ll be fun!)
  14. HLBILY (Hillbilly. Uneducated country person. Who wants to be called a hillbilly?)
  15. HE4GIVZ (He forgives. Religious guy, probably Christian. “He” is God.)
  16. TOP 5HLF (Top Shelf. 5 = S)
  17. B33K3RS (Beekers. Likes or works with chemistry. 3 = E)
  18. HANG TEN (Means “hang loose”. Relax, take it easy. There’s a hand gesture for this.)
  19. GODZILL (Godzilla. Likes Japanese monster movies.)
  20. SO BLOND (Blond woman and proud of it.)
  21. HALLIN A (Hauling ass. Moving very very fast.)
  22. FIREEMS (Fire Emergency Medical Services. Probably a paramedic by profession.)
  23. FNZ LEFT ((Football) Fans left?)
  24. SWRDSMN (Swordsman. Maybe likes to place video games about fantasy.)
  25. GHND BUS (We have a bus company called Greyhound Bus. Maybe he works there.)
  26. RUTTROE (My personal favorite. Scooby Doo TV comic dog saying “uh oh”.)
  27. OWATEVR (Oh, whatever.)
  28. GETA GRP (Get a grip (on yourself). Calm down already!)
  29. CURE T1 (Cure Type 1 diabetes)
  30. YSDEAR (Yes, Dear. Hen-pecked husband.)
  31. FEISTY (Feisty. Yep, this is a word. Are you feisty?)
  32. 2SPOILED (Too spoiled. Pampered woman and she knows it.)
  33. REZLYNT (This one’s clever. Resilient.)
  34. NTRPRTZ (Interprets. Perhaps an interpreter by profession.)
  35. IRESQ (I rescue. Perhaps rescues stray animals and puts them in shelters.)
  36. LIVERPUL (Liverpool. City in England. Maybe a British guy in Nebraska, USA.)
  37. CZTHDAY (Seize the Day! In Latin, this is Carpe Diem!)
  38. MOMSTNG (“Momstang”. This was on a type of car called the Ford Mustang.)
  39. BLTHNDR (Blue Thunder. This was on a dark blue car. Named after a cool movie.)
  40. I8A 4REE (This was on a Boxster sports car. It means “I ate a Ferrari.”)
  41. C7ST8S (On Lookout Mountain in Tennessee, you can “see seven states”.)
  42. HI MA8NT (High maintenance. No doubt this was a woman.)
  43. LVMYK9S (Love my canines (aka K-9s). Owns German Shepherd dogs. Aww.)
  44. OURARK (Our ark. Reference to Noah’s Ark in the Christian Bible.)
  45. ASPHALT (Our roads and highways of made of asphalt. Construction worker?)
  46. MMHMMM (Mm hmm. An interjection that means yes or aha!)
  47. SMPER FI (Latin phrase – Semper Fidelis or Semper Fi. US Marines Corps slogan.)
  48. NTHRUFF (In the rough. Golfer.)
  49. ISK8 MOM (Ice skate mom. Kids probably ice skate. She has to drive them to/fro.)
  50. WOLVRNE (Wolverine. From the X-Men movies.)
  51. VERDE (Spanish word for “green”. Seen on a green car.)
  52. WILD HRT (Wild heart?)
  53. ODS ONNU (Odds on Nebraska University (NU), an Omaha college with many fans.)
  54. HSKRHRT (Husker heart. The Nebraska football team are called the Huskers.)
  55. NU HUSKR (Nebraska University Huskers – football team)
  56. BGRD PWR (Big Red power. Football team here is also called the Big Red.
    Their shirts are red.)

Do any other countries have vanity plates? What is your favorite one?

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