This section will guide you towards writing more and more complex sentences.  Once you can write it, then you can speak it!



    Suggested formats for independent writing in Argumentative and Persuasive Essays:

    FOR and AGAINST:

    You will be given a topic such as;
    Do you agree or disagree?
    ' Living in big cities is better than living in small villages.' Use specific reasons and examples to support your ideas.

    Start writing taking the tips below into consideration:)

    The introductory paragraph:
    In this paragraph, you are expected to write a few topic- related sentences and your thesis statement indicating where you stand.

    The body: 
    Each paragraph within the body elaborates on one major topic/ reason. The main topic is the topic sentence. It is recommended that you should write two bodies supported by evidence.

    The conclusion:
    In this paragraph, summarize what you have written before, restating your ideas.( avoid repetition)

    The introduction and the conclusion paragraphs must be related to each other. Your last sentence could be a wish, a warning or a suggestion.

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